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design_checklist_en_rev_3-3.pdf by MarioBlunk

Design Checklist for PCB and schematic design. Special focus on EAGLE. File revision 3.3

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help_full640_en.pdf by CadSoftSupport

This PDF contains the full help of EAGLE version 6.4.0 in English language.

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ulp640_en.pdf by CadSoftSupport

Documentation of the User Language extracted from the EAGLE help function for version 6.4.0 as PDF file.

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ulp640_de.pdf by CadSoftSupport

Dokumentation zur User-Language aus der EAGLE-Hilfe-Funktion für Version 6.4.0 als PDF-Datei.

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7_seg_lcd_ktm-s1201.pdf by aht2000

KTM-S1201 LCD Module Description

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bq500210evm-689_sch.pdf by TI

The bq500210EVM-689 evaluation module (EVM) is a high-performance, easy-to-use development tool for the design of wireless power solutions. The EVM is a bqTESLA single-channel transmitter that will power the bq51013EVM-725 Integrated Receiver or any other Wireless Power Consortium certified receiver. Together, the bq500210EVM-689 Transmitter and bq51013EVM-725 Receiver enables designers to speed the development of their end-applications. Learn More www.element14.com/wireless-power-solution

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bq51013aevm-764_sch.pdf by TI

The bq51013AEVM-765 wireless power receiver evaluation module from Texas Instruments is a highperformance, easy-to-use development kit for the design of wireless power solutions. Consisting of a 5-V power supply receiver and associated magnetics, the kit enables designers to speed the development of their end-applications. Learn more www.element14.com/wireless-power-solution

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bq51013aevm-764_gerber_files.zip by TI

Gerber Files BQ51013AEVM-764 Qi Compliant Wireless Power Receiver Module - Learn more at www.element14.com/wireless-power-solution

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application_note_-_building_a_wireless_power_trans by TI

Wireless Power is rapidly gaining momentum in the market place enabling a convenient new way to charge mobile devices. Qi compliant Wireless Power Transmitters (TX) present the foundation on which wireless power infrastructure is currently being built. This report aims at helping wireless power developers to make their first steps building practical wireless power systems. It outlines a step by step approach, highlights dos and don’ts, and provides reference material on system troubleshooting and operating waveforms. Learn more www.element14.com/wireless-power-solution

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bq500210evm-689_gerber_files.zip by TI

Gerber Files BQ500210EVM-689 Qi Compliant Wireless Power Transmitter Manager - Learn more http://www.ti.com/tool/bq500210evm-689

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