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User Language Programs(ULP)

Customize your EAGLE software with community-created programs.

scroll-layer1.0.ulp by dcoryh192

Pretty much editnext-sheet/editprev-sheet, but for board layouts. Scrolls through visible copper layers based on what is used. Will work with any amount of copper layers (up to 16 of course) with no extra configuration. Top, bottom, and all also display respective place, name, docu layers as well. The ULP should be pretty easy to edit to change this behavior.

1068 Downloads | 195 Likes | 07.30.2013

align3.ulp by GerhardHickel

Anpassung von align2 an die neue Auflösung von Eagle 6.x. Benutzt jetzt mic2u, mm2u, usw.

1080 Downloads | 203 Likes | 06.13.2013

find-sew.ulp by Stoneshop

A small modification of find-single-ended-wire.ulp. If you have a board containing a number of vias connecting polygons on different layers find-single-ended-wire would flag these, which can be irritating if you have a large number of them. find-sew skips these, unless you start it with the \'via\' parameter.

1093 Downloads | 231 Likes | 08.02.2015

alignd.ulp_toglays.ulp.zip by hbridge99

alignD.ulp and toglays.ulp

1106 Downloads | 219 Likes | 04.15.2014

mod-duplicate.ulp by BStarr

A newer version of my module duplicate ULP that includes duplication of routing (except for power and GND nets). This is still in the initial development stage, but still useful for duplicating some modules.

1108 Downloads | 221 Likes | 09.22.2015

checkvariant.ulp by SengPeter

Prüft ob der Name der Variante dem übergebenen Argument entspricht Gebrauch: RUN CheckVariant [String] Beispiele: RUN CheckVariant 1 RUN CheckVariant CarTago RUN CheckVariant Falls String nicht dem Namen der Variante entspricht gibt das ULP Rückgabewert 1 zurück, andernfalls 0. Wird das ULP ohne Argument aufgerufen, so wird geprüft ob der Name der Variante der Standard-Variante entspricht. Das ULP kann dazu benutzt werden die Ausführung eines Scriptes abzubrechen. Autor: Peter Seng

1167 Downloads | 172 Likes | 10.12.2012

rename-sig-with-suffix.ulp by hanneseilers

ULP to rename signals that start with a specific suffix. Example: rename GND1, GND2, ... with suffix GN into GND.

1186 Downloads | 286 Likes | 07.30.2013

fpga_pinout.ulp by Barry

Generates FPGA setup files from an Eagle board design. Currently generates VHDL port list from the pins of a specified part. Also generates the pin mapping for a Lattice Semiconductor .lpf file. Results must be edited for signaling types, but automatically generates a correct net name - pin mapping. May be extended for Verilog or Xilinx/Altera.

1190 Downloads | 219 Likes | 10.19.2014

mark-here.ulp by axeme

Place the mark on various board, schematic, and package objects via the context menu.

1206 Downloads | 169 Likes | 01.02.2014

make_bga_v2.ulp by MartinHodges

Make_bga ulp modified to create double letter names for large bgas. Skips extra letters s, x and z.

1207 Downloads | 149 Likes | 12.16.2013