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User Language Programs(ULP)

Customize your EAGLE software with community-created programs.

check-sch-against-lbr.ulp by admin

Check if the parts in the schematic are the same as in the corresponding libraries. Uses the Eagle\'s XML file format as data source. \r\nUploaded by Andrzej Telszewski from -

1502 Downloads | 218 Likes | 03.05.2012

replace-supply-symbol.ulp by BStarr

This ULP lets you replace all instances of a supply symbol in a schematic with a supply symbol from a different supply library.

1503 Downloads | 211 Likes | 04.19.2013

hyperlynx_5_7.zip by kdv

- added export of polygons to hyperlynx.ulp

1522 Downloads | 233 Likes | 08.21.2012

airlist_107.zip by ars662001

shows a list of the airwires with position, signal and length.

1528 Downloads | 208 Likes | 01.08.2014

hershey-text.zip by nallison

Render text on a pcb in a Hershey typeface. Group the text to render then this ULP lets you choose the Hershey font file, the wire (stroke) width, slope, character width factor and output layer. The text is rendered using wires either directly on the pcb or in a library package that is automatically added to the board. A range of Hershey font data files including a customised font for Eagle are provided.

1560 Downloads | 277 Likes | 03.21.2014

danglingnets.ulp by AlStu

Have you ever spun a board and found that unused sections of nets are left dangling? Nets that go nowhere? Unintended stubs? Most are harmlessly hidden under vias but some are left to wander uselessly around the board. This ULP DanglingNets will track down and show those leftovers.

1560 Downloads | 227 Likes | 07.12.2012

airwire.ulp by warrenbrayshaw

Turn off all the airwires except the signal of interest from a context menu item. Show all airwires again by running the context item again using another wire type. The ULP will create the context menu required.

1568 Downloads | 305 Likes | 05.20.2014

swap.ulp by damhave

Swap position of two components (in Schematic and Board Editor)

1599 Downloads | 226 Likes | 12.19.2012

show-airwires.ulp by SengPeter

Show airwires and parts selected by group command in schematic, ease partitial place and route of functional blocks.

1601 Downloads | 215 Likes | 06.24.2013

show-from-sheet.ulp by helge

Shows all parts in the board editor belonging to a specific sheet in the schematic. Functional circuit blocks can be organized in sheets which systematically group parts on the schematic level. \"show-from-sheet \" thus provides functional block highlighting on the board level. \"show-from-sheet group\" extends this functionality based on select.ulp to group all parts originating from a specified sheet.

1612 Downloads | 312 Likes | 09.05.2014