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User Language Programs(ULP)

Customize your EAGLE software with community-created programs.

importexport.zip by admin

These ULPs can export a complete project as (special) script file, so that it can be imported in a different project again. Both schematics AND routed layout are exported/imported. Useful for channel duplication or creating a library of circuit snippets.\r\nUploaded by Andreas Weidner from MPI fuer Gravitationsphysik

3818 Downloads | 358 Likes | 12.13.1901

unrouted.ulp by admin

UNROUTED.ULP determines tiny (and therefore maybe invisible) unrouted signals.\r\nUploaded by Daemon Reinhard from University of Technology GRAZ/Austria

10130 Downloads | 326 Likes | 02.27.1997

mount.ulp by admin

This ULP generates a file that can be used with mounting machines. \r\nUploaded by Richard Hammerl from CadSoft Computer GmbH

5574 Downloads | 331 Likes | 03.07.1997

flexpick.ulp by admin

This ULP generates datas for a COSY FLEXPICK for automatic mounting of parts. \r\nUploaded by Richard Hammerl from CadSoft Computer GmbH

5671 Downloads | 353 Likes | 03.07.1997

parts_tk.ulp by admin

This EAGLE User Language Program prints a board\"s Partlist including the position and orientation of each part, separated by a semicolon. So you can read the part-file with any spreadsheet- program such as EXCEL, Microsoft WORKS ...\r\nUploaded by Wolfgang Barthel from CAD-Service für die Elektronik

6176 Downloads | 314 Likes | 03.25.1997

part2htm.ulp by admin

This ULP generates a Parts Listing of a board file and outputs it to a HTML file for publishing on a company intranet.\r\nUploaded by Sean D. Alcorn from Avion International Co. Ltd.

5575 Downloads | 359 Likes | 10.13.1997

xref.zip by admin

Produces a Crossreference that tells you where Layout Parts arelocated in Shematic. Useful with larger Designs.Needs special Frame that is included.\r\nUploaded by Adrianus den Toom from Free developer

5611 Downloads | 316 Likes | 10.24.1997

bom2.ulp by admin

produces a part list with extension .BO9 suitable for PARTS AND VENDORS part-list manager program.\r\nUploaded by NIKOS CHALIKIAS from anco

10042 Downloads | 311 Likes | 01.11.1998

netcount.ulp by admin

An ULP who counts the nets and show how many signals are on the net. A warning is generated if only one signal is present.\r\nUploaded by Bernd Krueger-Knauber from infratec plus GmbH

5787 Downloads | 324 Likes | 02.11.1998

showlbr.ulp by admin

This ULP can be used for library documentation. All devices will be placed in a schematic automatically.\r\nUploaded by Richard Hammerl from CadSoft Computer GmbH

5732 Downloads | 317 Likes | 02.11.1998