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User Language Programs(ULP)

Customize your EAGLE software with community-created programs.

mod-duplicate-nested.ulp by arminsch

This is a modified version of Bob Starr\'s module duplicate ULP (mod-duplicate.ulp), that also supports nested hierarchies. I\'ve also posted the modifications to Bob - he will incorporate them in newer revisions of his ULP.

2122 Downloads | 707 Likes | 12.04.2015

hierarchical_v1.1.zip by morosh

Some ULPs and scripts to do hierachical designs

2141 Downloads | 342 Likes | 07.29.2014

eaglegrabber.zip by mike919192

EAGLE GRABBER README ------------------------------------------------------------- name: create_standard_attributes2.ulp arguments: none notes: This creates the standard attributes used with the other ULPs in this pack. ------------------------------------------------------------- name: update_from_link.ulp arguments: none notes: This will download the html page specified in the link attribute and set the other attributes. By defualt this only works with Digikey, although it is not difficult to extend to other sites. The html page is save in the project folder so repeated call do not redownload. -------------------------------------------------------------- name: clone2.ulp arguments: Part name to clone (e.g \"U1\") notes: This copies attributes from the specified part to other part with matching values and matching footprint. WARNING: In rare cases this can overwrite good data! -------------------------------------------------------------- name: ebom2.ulp arguments: none notes: Creates an html file with all of the part attribute data. -------------------------------------------------------------- Credit to Eli Hughes for creating the first version, from which these tools are based. Enjoy!

2144 Downloads | 264 Likes | 03.06.2013

add_attrib_all_devices.ulp by lrc

Adds attributes automatically to ALL variants of all devices in currently opened library. Easily use a .scr file in conjunction with this ulp to add multiple attributes to every variant of every device in the current library. See the header comments for a complete description.

2166 Downloads | 265 Likes | 11.17.2012

exp-pads2k-netlist.ulp by JorgeGarcia

Export netlist in PADS 2000 format. Initial release.

2185 Downloads | 410 Likes | 03.10.2015

renumber-sheet_4_5.ulp by MirekK

added options to renumber by a combination of X a Y directions in various percentages

2205 Downloads | 359 Likes | 05.06.2014

unrouted-and-dangling-nets-v2.zip by ADMsystems

Building on the danglingnets.ulp, code by Alan Stummer, this modified version now includes similar and additional functions for both “unrouted” and “dangling” nets. Version 2.0 2013.08.26 ***Fixed a bug that caused zoom to wrong coordinates and refined Zoom Select Algorithm to better display the selected net.*** unrouted-and-dangling-nets-v2... A ULP for confirming and listing those sometimes hard to find “unrouted” and “dangling” net stubs. Separate lists are created for the “unrouted” and “dangling” nets when they are found. Any net in the lists may be specifically selected for viewing and editing. Displayed information for each net found includes the net’s name and coordinates. The “dangling” net’s list will also include the net’s layer number. When any net is selected for viewing, its layer is set to “visible=yes” assuring that it can be seen. Since this ULP makes a call to run itself after executing a command, only change the file name if you know how to edit the code to point to the new name. The same applies to the renaming of or moving of the \"ratsnest.png\" file to a different directory. Unrouted-and-dangling-nets.png is included for use as a custom menu icon should you wish to use it.

2205 Downloads | 301 Likes | 08.27.2013

copypaste-v2.zip by bdrung

copypaste allows you to copy a schematic and a corresponding board without loosing the placement of the elements on the board. You can copy a schematic and board from a newer version of EAGLE to an older version of EAGLE. The copy ULP creates one script for the schematic and one for the board that creates and places all elements of the source. These scripts are stored as clipboard_schematic.scr and clipboard_board.scr. The paste ULP combines the clipboard scripts, renames the elements with conflicting names, and stores the result as paste.scr. The paste script is then executed.

2205 Downloads | 243 Likes | 06.09.2012

exp-lbrs-replace.ulp by BStarr

Latest export/replace project libraries modified from Eagle 6.4.0 version. Highly useful for cleaning up parts from bogus library part designers!!

2207 Downloads | 254 Likes | 04.11.2013

matrizdeleds.ulp by admin

Crea una Matriz de leds muy fácilmente...tan solo hay que indicarle el numero de filas y columnas...y la separación entre los leds. Board con GRID de 0.01 inch\r\nUploaded by Emerson Ospino Urbano

2220 Downloads | 233 Likes | 07.05.2011