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User Language Programs(ULP)

Customize your EAGLE software with community-created programs.

bom-ex139.zip by admin

The latest version of BOM-EX with some minor UI changes, bug fixes and other enhancements.\r\nUploaded by Bob Starr from RTZ Audio

1629 Downloads | 214 Likes | 02.27.2012

xyloc.zip by Haselberger

ULP zum Erstellen der XY Lokationstabelle der Bauelemente in einen Schaltplan oder Board mithilfe des Kommandos FRAME

1630 Downloads | 205 Likes | 04.15.2012

yaalign.ulp by Kopka

YaAlign - Yet another Align Tool Ein einfaches Tool um gruppierte Bauteile untereinander und/oder am Raster auszurichten. (Oben, Unten, Links, Rechts, Mitte, gleicher Abstand) Interaktive Auswahl über Menü. A simple tool to align grouped parts together and/or to the grid. (Top, Bottom, Left, Right, Center, same Distance) Interactive selection via a menu.

1647 Downloads | 291 Likes | 02.15.2015

quicklabel.zip by PEUKERTSIOS

A useful ulp for labeling equal spaced nets to a bus.

1651 Downloads | 191 Likes | 04.18.2012

diff-sch-lbr.ulp by Teuniz

Shows a detailed report of differences between schematic and libraries. It also reports if libraries or devices are missing.

1667 Downloads | 329 Likes | 03.07.2015

show-nets.ulp by axeme

Shows all airwires and traces connected to a selected part, while hiding all other airwires. Designed for context menu and command line use with signal filtering.

1672 Downloads | 319 Likes | 04.01.2014

select4.ulp by admin

Selects components or nets listed at the command line. The component or nets can be added, subtracted or filter the existing group or define a new group. Rename file to select.ulp before use. Update: Support for classes, Experimental load/save of selection group. Better examples/documentation. See: Eagle Control Panel:User Language Programs:select.ulp\r\nUploaded by Danny Damhave from Damhave Systems

1673 Downloads | 211 Likes | 12.10.2011

component-array.ulp by JorgeGarcia

This ULP assumes the components to be arrayed are in the board or schematic prior to the ULP being run. Can handle both rectangular arrays and circular arrays.

1684 Downloads | 326 Likes | 01.22.2014

smdpadlist_101.zip by ars662001

shows a list of the smd and pads with the name, signal, type, position and layer.

1702 Downloads | 301 Likes | 01.08.2014

hyperlynx_6_3.zip by kdv

This zip contains hyperlynx.ulp for Eagle version 6.3 and higher. hyperlynx.ulp is a script to export Eagle boards to Hyperlynx. The boards are then simulated using Hyperlynx (commercial) or openEMS (open source). Striplines and microstrips can be simulated this way. Difference between this script and the standard Eagle hyperlynx.ulp: - uses layer names instead of layer numbers - adds export of polygons - correctly exports copper thickness. Hyperlynx is a simulation package from Mentor Graphics, http://www.mentor.com openEMS is an open source electromagnetic field solver, http://www.openems.de koen 14.11.12

1702 Downloads | 202 Likes | 11.15.2012