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User Language Programs(ULP)

Customize your EAGLE software with community-created programs.

unidat.ulp by admin

Generates output in UNIDAT format which is used by UNICAM software. This software provides data for automatic mounting and test equipment.\r\nUploaded by Rudi Hofer from CadSoft

4760 Downloads | 238 Likes | 04.28.1999

viscomnew.ulp by admin

This ULP program generated CAD data for optical inspection system VISCOM\r\nUploaded by Milan Trubelik from AEV spo. s r.o.

4817 Downloads | 263 Likes | 05.06.1999

teilelst.ulp by admin

Diese ULP erzeugt aus einem Board eine Teileliste incl. Preisen der wichtigsten Bauteile und einer Zusammenfassung xx * 10k Rxx,Ryy usw. Passend f. Tabellenkalkulationen.\r\nUploaded by Peter Fuchs from Universitaet Regensburg

5444 Downloads | 251 Likes | 07.07.1999

driltabh.ulp by admin

This ULP place (or refresh) a Drill legend in the board. You must update and sort the \\\">Option>Setting>Drill\\\" as the drill legend (if necessary). \r\nUploaded by Christian BOHRER from AZ electronic (france)

5101 Downloads | 268 Likes | 08.24.1999

excellon.ulp by admin

This EAGLE User Language Program produces a EXCELLON output file which uses only one Tool (T01)independent of the drill diameter (No drill rack is necessary)It\"s used for drilling milled boards to reduce the amount of tool changes.\r\nUploaded by G.Datler from @home

6563 Downloads | 251 Likes | 09.01.1999

unidat20.ulp by admin

UNIDAT output with one shape per package type (allows package libraries).\r\nUploaded by Rudi Hofer from CadSoft

4737 Downloads | 251 Likes | 09.10.1999

b_cnc.ulp by admin

Bohrdaten und Board-Outline zurweiteren Aufbereitung für CNC \r\nUploaded by Anton Riedl

7678 Downloads | 258 Likes | 09.10.1999

psscale.ulp by admin

Scales up or down a part or a symbol in a library. More on \r\nUploaded by Hansjörg Sämann

5281 Downloads | 255 Likes | 09.12.1999

extd_erc.zip by admin

Version 1.4 This EAGLE User Language Program performs several checks on the nets and pins of a schematic. These checks have been implemented as an addition to the builtin ERC, and shall later be incorporated in the editor itself. Pleas read the ULPs header. Dieses ULP ergaenzt den Electrical Rule Check (ERC). Diese Funktionen werden in einer spaeteren Eagle-Version integriert. Lesen Sie die Info im Dateikopf.\r\nUploaded by A. Zaffran from CadSoft

23555 Downloads | 270 Likes | 09.28.1999

chkpin01.zip by admin

CHKPIN01.ULP checks the placement of gates/pins (default Grid) in the schematic testet die Plazierung (default Grid) der Gates/Pins im Schaltplan SNAPSCH.ULP snap the symbols of the current shematic to default grid (0.1 Inch) generiert ein Script um die Symbole im aktuellen Schaltplan auf das Default-Grid zu setzen\r\nUploaded by A. Zaffran from CadSoft

5391 Downloads | 277 Likes | 10.06.1999