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si5317_10.lbr by samuell

Si5317 jitter filter from Silicon Labs. This is a filter specially designed for clock signals. The Si5317 is fully configurable, allowing both the work frequency and loop bandwidth to be set. It admits different types of clocks (CML, CMOS, LVDS or LVPECL), being capable of producing such levels too. Based on Silicon Laboratories\' 3rd-generation DSPLL technology, the Si5317 outputs a clock signal having a typical jitter of 300fs.

27159 Downloads | 1937 Likes | 05.17.2016

sxx8xsx_10.lbr by samuell

SxX8xSx SCRs (silicon controlled rectifiers) from Littelfuse (Teccor). These thyristors can control currents up to 0.51A (or 0.8A average), having a maximum voltage drop of 1.7V.

14229 Downloads | 1520 Likes | 05.17.2016

polyfuse-smd_20.lbr by samuell

Littelfuse Polyfuse devices. This new version of the library contains the most recent surface mount resettable fuses (PPTCs) from Littelfuse.

14324 Downloads | 1612 Likes | 05.17.2016

p8x32a_11.lbr by samuell

P8X32A microcontroller from Parallax. This is a 32bit, 8-cog multiprocessor microcontroller, for high speed application that offers a low power consumption. This library contains all available variants. The schematic symbol of the P8X32A was simplified in this new revision.

10931 Downloads | 1570 Likes | 05.17.2016

micrel2.rar by D345thjk

MIC1557 IttyBitty CMOS RC Oscillator, as a Win RAR archive.

10481 Downloads | 1348 Likes | 04.16.2016

o2_micro.lbr by singular

The OZ9938 is LCDM Inverter Controller a high performance, designed for driving large-size Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) applications requiring 2 to 6 CCFLs.

8395 Downloads | 848 Likes | 03.18.2016

cherry.lbr by Wim

Cherry MX keyswitch Cherry MX keyswitch with LED Cherry MX keyswitch with diode Cherry MX DSA keycap

9714 Downloads | 862 Likes | 03.17.2016

sdcard_te.lbr by kovacsj

TE CONNECTIVITY 2041021-3 CONNECTOR, SD, PUSH PULL, SMT, R/A Created by Jozsef Kovacs RobotSzoft kft.

9198 Downloads | 998 Likes | 03.13.2016

quectel_l76.lbr by kovacsj

Quectel L76 GPS module. Created by Jozsef Kovacs RobotSzoft Kft.

6428 Downloads | 788 Likes | 03.13.2016

drv84321.lbr by adityag

This library is converted from the TI\'s .blx format for easy referencing of eagle files.

6562 Downloads | 903 Likes | 03.07.2016