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con-hirose-df12d(3.0)60dp0.5v80.lbr by admin

60 Pin Hirose Connector\r\nUploaded by Grahame Jordan from Glass Expansion

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c-infineon.lbr by admin


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infineon.lbr by admin

Die Library beinhaltet den neuen

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infineon-tricore.lbr by admin


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v-infinity.lbr by admin

V-Infinity on board power supply. FSK-S5-Series, Output 5W, without EMI-filter.\r\nUploaded by Achim Hingst from privat

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lpc2364,2366,2368.lbr by admin

Library of single chip: LPC2368 (same as 2364, 2366). This one was missing from the Philips libraries.\r\nUploaded by Mike Germain from Department of National Defense, Canada

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infineon_tle_power.lbr by admin


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librarys.zip by admin

This ZIP file contains 4 libraries with MTA connectors, Benchmarq special IC\'s, Berg connectors .079 pitch, some SSR\'s.\r\nUploaded by Bob Pauly

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supertex.zip by admin

This file contains updated parts to the SUPERTEX library. The library contains various mosfets. Consult the *.log file for updates. \r\nUploaded by Bob Pauly from SULZER Intermedics

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sch_port.zip by admin

This library file contains ports use in schematic creation. These ports are for logical schematic creation. \r\nUploaded by Bob Pauly from SULZER Intermedics

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