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Voltera Templates Library by Voltera

We have developed a Library for EAGLE that contains parts for all of the templates and substrates in our store. Using it is easy, just drop in the template as you would any other part and away you go. https://support.voltera.io/hc/en-us/articles/115004265027

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Wurth Elektronik SemiConductors rev17a by WEeiSos

Wurth Elektronik SemiConductors rev17a

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Wurth Elektronik Optoelectronics rev17b by WEeiSos

The Würth Elektronik Library Optoelectronics contains visible LEDs, white LEDs, infrared LEDs and ultraviolet LEDs.

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Wurth Electromechanic Switch rev17b by WEeiSos


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ps2156x.lbr by basmp

ps21564 Mitsubishi intellimod library v0.1b.

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drv84321.lbr by adityag

This library is converted from the TI\'s .blx format for easy referencing of eagle files.

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fsbb20ch60c.lbr by Andres90125

FSBB20CH60C Motion SPM® 3 Series IGBT module

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g510.lbr by trebuH

FIBOCOM G510 gsm module.by trebuH

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irs2330.lbr by HenryA

IRS2330 3-PHASE BRIDGE DRIVER SOIC-28 Couldn\'t find any so I made one and it´s the first one I have ever done.

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stf202_10.lbr by samuell

STF202 USB filter from ON Semiconductor. This is a USB filter for upstream ports (on the device side). It provides USB termination, filtering and ESD protection.

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