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ellipse_in_eagle_5.6_deutsch_by_logotherm.pdf by RomanB

Zeichnen einer Ellipse in Eagle 5.6

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procedure_convert_from_v5tov6.pdf by JorgeGarcia

This document describes a procedure to take files from V6 to V5 of EAGLE. Please keep in mind that this is only a work-around. There is no nice way to export a V6 file to V5. This procedure will yield an almost complete conversion 90-95%.

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bq51013aevm-764_gerber_files.zip by TI

Gerber Files BQ51013AEVM-764 Qi Compliant Wireless Power Receiver Module - Learn more at www.element14.com/wireless-power-solution

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bq500210evm-689_gerber_files.zip by TI

Gerber Files BQ500210EVM-689 Qi Compliant Wireless Power Transmitter Manager - Learn more http://www.ti.com/tool/bq500210evm-689

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users_guide_receiver_module_bq51013aevm-765.pdf by TI

User\'s Guide BQ51013AEVM-765 Receiver Module - Source http://www.ti.com/tool/bq51013aevm-765

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uc3842a.lbr by helder277


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ulp620_de.pdf by CadSoftSupport

Die Dokumentation zur User-Language aus der EAGLE-Hilfe-Funktion für Version 6.2.0 als PDF-Datei.

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cadsoft_testimonial_agreement-blank-usa.zip by JorgeGarcia

The attached zip file contains a word file used to submit user testimonials. It\'s an older Word format so LibreOffice will open them just fine. Please send testimonials to sales@cadsoftusa.com and write testimonial somewhere in the subject line.

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bq500210evm-689_sch.pdf by TI

The bq500210EVM-689 evaluation module (EVM) is a high-performance, easy-to-use development tool for the design of wireless power solutions. The EVM is a bqTESLA single-channel transmitter that will power the bq51013EVM-725 Integrated Receiver or any other Wireless Power Consortium certified receiver. Together, the bq500210EVM-689 Transmitter and bq51013EVM-725 Receiver enables designers to speed the development of their end-applications. Learn More www.element14.com/wireless-power-solution

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40110.lbr by petrusbitbyter

CD40110 up/down counter latch displaydriver

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