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User Language Programs(ULP)

Customize your EAGLE software with community-created programs.

exp-lbrs-replace.ulp by BStarr

Latest export/replace project libraries modified from Eagle 6.4.0 version. Highly useful for cleaning up parts from bogus library part designers!!

2026 Downloads | 205 Likes | 04.11.2013

camprep2.zip by dukepro

Set of files to analyze a board and generate Gerber files and EXCELLON drill file. It will also prepare a ZIP of these suitable for delivery to a board fabrication house. Please see enclosed README. This zip file includes the correct drillcfg2.ulp, whereas the first upload did not.

2056 Downloads | 277 Likes | 02.19.2014

arrange.ulp by DougWellington

Arrange 1.0 - arrange parts on board grouped by schematic page. Used with a multi-page schematic, this script will arrange the parts on the board into separate piles, one pile per schematic sheet. Use distribute.ulp to separate each pile.

2074 Downloads | 281 Likes | 02.20.2014

gencad_134_easylogix.ulp by easylogix

Export GenCAD 1.4 file Format optimized for PCB-Investigator. The Export includes Signal Layers, Drill Layers, Solder Past Layers, Solder Mask Layers and Component Layers. www.PCB-Investigator.com

2086 Downloads | 241 Likes | 10.11.2013

matrizdeleds.ulp by admin

Crea una Matriz de leds muy fácilmente...tan solo hay que indicarle el numero de filas y columnas...y la separación entre los leds. Board con GRID de 0.01 inch\r\nUploaded by Emerson Ospino Urbano

2090 Downloads | 188 Likes | 07.05.2011

align2.ulp by admin

Aligns board components in group or listed at the command line. This ulp can align components along a line parallel to the x or y axis of the board. The direction of alignment is autodetected by looking at the position of the components. The alignment direction can also be forced. This is an update. Added increment, alignment to reference object, force of direction and minor changes. Better documentation and more examples: Se Eagle Control Panel:User Language Programs:Align.ulp\r\nUploaded by Danny Damhave from Damhave Systems

2112 Downloads | 204 Likes | 12.11.2011

mountsmd_altium.ulp by coflynn

Pick and Place File for Altium Format

2115 Downloads | 302 Likes | 02.05.2015

teardropsc.ulp by ars662001

curved teardrops for pads and vias

2138 Downloads | 218 Likes | 01.09.2013

teardrops105.ulp by admin

Latest version of via/pad teardrops fixed to work with Eagle v6 (thanks to Walter Muewa). The version also works on v5 as well. The teardrop pads feature has been modified to improve the pad teardrop fill.\r\nUploaded by Bob Starr from RTZ Audio

2139 Downloads | 178 Likes | 02.21.2012

cleanwire_110.zip.zip by ars662001

This ULP allows the elimination of double wires, stubs and other artifacts around vias and pads. It\'s very useful to eliminate teardrop artifacts on vias and pads created by other scripts.

2144 Downloads | 201 Likes | 01.05.2014