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User Language Programs(ULP)

Customize your EAGLE software with community-created programs.

place50.zip by admin

Simple Autoplacer, run this ulp in the schematic, and exec the resulting script in the new created PCB - it will place all parts of the board to the position in the schematic. Most useful for analog designs. \r\nUploaded by Matthias Weingart from IngBuero fuer wiss. Geraeteentw. - Solutions for embedded electronics.

18232 Downloads | 286 Likes | 02.20.2000

0tr_auto.ulp by admin

Dieses ULP verhindert in markierten Bereichen, dass Pins in der Top-Ebene verbunden werden.\r\nUploaded by Martin Schnell from Schüler

9382 Downloads | 221 Likes | 04.01.2000

chnwidth2.zip by admin

This ULP generates a script file \\\"chnwidth.scr\" that changes the wire width select in MM MIL INCH. Dieses ULP generiert ein Script \\\"chnwidth.scr\\\" das die Leiter- bahnbreite abhaengig vom Netznamen und Min- Max- Breite aendert. Das Auswahlkriterium \"Netzname\" kann jetzt abgeschaltet und es kann zwischen MM MIL und INCH gewaehlt werden.\r\nUploaded by A. Zaffran from CadSoft

5717 Downloads | 229 Likes | 04.05.2000

bom_tb.zip by admin

Bill Of Material seperated Top & Bottom Stueckliste nach Top und Bottom getrennt\r\nUploaded by A. Zaffran from CadSoft

6927 Downloads | 218 Likes | 04.20.2000

hvpack10.zip by admin

HVPack V1.0 - A collection of new and modified ULP´s Eine Sammlung neuer und erweiteter ULP´sContains: APRINT, BOM3, DRILLCFG, DRILLS, MAKEJUNC, PART2HTM, REPLACE, ROB, SNAP50, SNAPEW25 and UNROUTED.\r\nUploaded by Helmut Vaupotitsch from ITEC

5671 Downloads | 216 Likes | 04.28.2000

dxfblack.ulp by admin

Dieses ULP erzeugt eine schwarz/weis DXF-Grafik. This ULP generates black/white dxf files.\r\nUploaded by Richard Hammerl from CadSoft Computer GmbH

9152 Downloads | 255 Likes | 05.11.2000

rotate.ulp by admin

A Rotate utility that isn\"t perfect yet...\r\nUploaded by Xapns Tsiris from My_Home

5043 Downloads | 225 Likes | 05.12.2000

unrouted2.ulp by admin

The unrouted.ulp has been altered to reduce the large number of airwires that can easly be created. The script generates \"unrouted.txt\" and \"correct.scr\" files. By running the last one, it can wire all airwires that satisfy cirtain criteria. Doesn\"t work properly in all circumstances but can be still effectively used.\r\nUploaded by Levente Torok from University of Miskolc

7752 Downloads | 238 Likes | 06.16.2000

drills1.ulp by admin

Provides a board stuffing house with componet locations and hole locations by componet. Also lists rotation and package name.\r\nUploaded by Alex Brown from Aseptino

5540 Downloads | 234 Likes | 09.01.2000

stkdoc.ulp by admin

V1.0 of an ULP which copies all parts with prefix X to new layers and docments their pins with their connected signal names.\r\nUploaded by Martin Bammer from TU-Wien

4793 Downloads | 215 Likes | 09.12.2000