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User Language Programs(ULP)

Customize your EAGLE software with community-created programs.

genpkg_soic.ulp by admin

Generates packages for SMT small outline ICs including SO, SOP, SSOP, TSOP, TSSOP and others.\r\nUploaded by Weartronics from http://www.weartronics.com/

14045 Downloads | 197 Likes | 02.14.2006

eagle2kicad-0.9c.ulp by admin

This ULP converts the symbols and packages of an eagle library to the format of the KiCAD PCB suite. The current version is 0.9c. (0.9b is NOT compatible with actual kicad versions) This Scripts is released under the GNU Public license\r\nUploaded by Rene Semmelrath from --

15738 Downloads | 305 Likes | 01.02.2012

place50.zip by admin

Simple Autoplacer, run this ulp in the schematic, and exec the resulting script in the new created PCB - it will place all parts of the board to the position in the schematic. Most useful for analog designs. \r\nUploaded by Matthias Weingart from IngBuero fuer wiss. Geraeteentw. - Solutions for embedded electronics.

17987 Downloads | 248 Likes | 02.20.2000

genpkg_cae.ulp by admin

Generates packages for SMT aluminium electrolytic capacitors.\r\nUploaded by Weartronics from http://www.weartronics.com/

18700 Downloads | 217 Likes | 02.14.2006

export-protelpcb.ulp by admin

Export Eagle board to Protel ASCII format \r\nUploaded by Alex Galakhov

18859 Downloads | 263 Likes | 11.03.2005

autoplace_v3.ulp by admin

Crude autoplace ULP, adaptation of Cadsoft original IIRC. v4 compatible, creates grouping based on SCH and handles multiple sheets \r\nUploaded by David Moodie from OptoSci Ltd

19860 Downloads | 242 Likes | 01.23.2003

extd_erc.zip by admin

Version 1.4 This EAGLE User Language Program performs several checks on the nets and pins of a schematic. These checks have been implemented as an addition to the builtin ERC, and shall later be incorporated in the editor itself. Pleas read the ULPs header. Dieses ULP ergaenzt den Electrical Rule Check (ERC). Diese Funktionen werden in einer spaeteren Eagle-Version integriert. Lesen Sie die Info im Dateikopf.\r\nUploaded by A. Zaffran from CadSoft

23430 Downloads | 230 Likes | 09.28.1999

used_layers.ulp by admin

collects all layers used in a board and shows them in a \\\"SET USED_LAYERS\\\" dialog box. This is useful to disable *some* layers but keep the others.\r\nUploaded by Daniel Mack from http://caiaq.de

32449 Downloads | 218 Likes | 12.05.2005

pcb-gcode- by pcbgcode

The latest version of pcb-gcode allows one to generate GCode (NC) for use with CNC milling machines or routers. This lets you \"mechanically etch\" PC boards, drill them, and mill them, all without chemicals! How green is that? This release works with Eagle 5 & 6. Find other friendly and helpful users in the Yahoo group, the Phorum, or the Facebook group. Celebrating 10 years of helping people make quick prototypes without ruining their clothes, and pcb-gcode is still free! http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pcb-gcode http://www.pcbgcode.org https://www.facebook.com/groups/pcbgcode

34549 Downloads | 637 Likes | 10.25.2013

pcb-gcode-3.3.2.zip by admin

Now much easier to use! Pcb-gcode creates g-code files to allow you to produce a printed circuit board using a CNC router or milling machine. Supports outlining tracks (mech. etching), drilling and milling. Removes slivers by offsetting outline passes. Includes a setup screen that eliminates editing config files. Advanced functionality available. Please see http://groups.yahoo.com/ group/pcb-gcode for info, support, and updates. This program is free, see readme.html. \r\nUploaded by John Johnson from John Johnson Software, Atlanta

38971 Downloads | 345 Likes | 01.19.2006