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User Language Programs(ULP)

Customize your EAGLE software with community-created programs.

dxf-col0.ulp by admin

Some drawing programs can\"t import dxf files that use color number 0. This ULP has been modified to avoid this color number. Requires EAGLE 4.11r05 or higher.\r\nUploaded by Richard Hammerl from CadSoft Computer GmbH

9257 Downloads | 213 Likes | 04.06.2005

psscale3.zip by admin

Whoops! Please disregard previous submission of PSSCALE.ZIP Version 1.01. Use following version 1.02\r\nUploaded by Christopher Buckley from Vancouver, B.C. Canada

9289 Downloads | 214 Likes | 01.02.2002

0tr_auto.ulp by admin

Dieses ULP verhindert in markierten Bereichen, dass Pins in der Top-Ebene verbunden werden.\r\nUploaded by Martin Schnell from Schüler

9394 Downloads | 224 Likes | 04.01.2000

generate_3d_data.ulp by admin

V0.7 : Update zum Generieren der 3d-Daten zur Weiterverarbeitung in einem 3D-MCAD-System\r\nUploaded by Neubacher Andreas from Commend International GmbH

9458 Downloads | 213 Likes | 10.24.2006

gcode_02.zip by admin

This is the update of gcode-1, created by Silviu Epure. ULP generates G-Code for CNC milling machine. New features like as machine motion optimization, stop in case of diameter change, board contour tool size compensation and others are available.\r\nUploaded by Josef Plasil

9461 Downloads | 349 Likes | 09.04.2011

protel2eagle.zip by admin

This ULP will convert a netlist in Protel .NET format to an Eagle script and PCB layout.\r\nUploaded by Tom Connelly from Cardonald College

9529 Downloads | 220 Likes | 12.12.2002

eagle2kicad_sch.ulp by admin

This ULP converts the eagle schematic in to the format of the KiCAD PCB suite. The current version is 0.3. This Script is released under the GNU Public license \r\nUploaded by Juergen Messerer from --

9582 Downloads | 215 Likes | 07.16.2006

export-board.ulp by admin

Run this ULP in your board layout and it will generate a script file that regenerates the board from scratch. This may be useful if you need to make significant library changes or if you need to switch between versions, for example. It is important to run the ULP right after opening the board file. If you do a ratsnest before running the ULP, the polygons will switch from Outline mode to Real mode and they will export as a complicated shape rather than the outline. Also, because of rounding errors many small Airwires may appear in the new board file. These can be deleted in bulk without consequence.\r\nUploaded by Kevin Callan

9612 Downloads | 229 Likes | 08.02.2004

make_symbol_ulp.zip by admin

A ULP for generating a symbol and device from a list of pin names such as might come from a part datasheet.\r\nUploaded by Ed Anuff

9877 Downloads | 202 Likes | 06.02.2004

export-schematic.ulp by admin

Run this ULP in your schematic and it will generate a script file that regenerates the schematic from scratch. This may be useful if you need to make significant library changes or if you need to reorder sheets, for example.\r\nUploaded by Kevin Callan

9882 Downloads | 229 Likes | 06.18.2004