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User Language Programs(ULP)

Customize your EAGLE software with community-created programs.

silk_gen.ulp by admin

Generates new top and bottom silk screen layers using lines that are within user-defined width limits. Useful for submitting boards to manufacturers with minimum silk screen line width limits. New features include: one click removal of generated silk screen layers, limit the maximum line width as well as the minimum, select the source layers from a list, convert filled rectangles and circles to outlines and solid filled polygons to hatch filled. For Eagle 4.1.\r\nUploaded by Alex Holden from Nelson, England.

7934 Downloads | 209 Likes | 03.22.2006

eaglespice.zip by admin

ULP for generating a SPICE netlist for WINSPICE Spice-Engine. Supports Operating Point, DC Sweep, AC, Transient and Transfer Function Analyse with Parameter and Temperature Sweep.\r\nUploaded by Rudolf Thalbauer from Frauscher Sensortechnik

7934 Downloads | 210 Likes | 11.23.2008

cnc-drill.ulp by admin

Erstellt ein CNC drill file\r\nUploaded by Norman Urs Baier from Teseq AG

7944 Downloads | 212 Likes | 04.08.2008

drill-legend.zip by admin

Place a drill legend on Layer 144 Only for Eagle Version 4.11 or higher. Version check fixed\r\nUploaded by A. Zaffran from CadSoft

8003 Downloads | 178 Likes | 06.04.2004

autoroute_classes.ulp by admin

Specify the classes to autoroute. Useful for autorouting multilayer SMT boards where the supply classes are routed first, then the analog classes, then the rest.\r\nUploaded by Ed Anuff

8100 Downloads | 194 Likes | 06.03.2004

adjust_net_names.ulp by admin

This ULP moves the net/bus names so that they do not rest directly on the wire. This helps to better discern an E from an F, for example. This version corrects pathname problem, the error where Eagle sometimes chooses the wire first rather than the text, and now works on busses as well as nets.\r\nUploaded by Kevin Callan

8124 Downloads | 200 Likes | 10.22.2003

traceres.ulp by admin

This ULP calculates the resistance and current capacity of all traces on a board. The result is a text overlay that makes a good visual aid.\r\nUploaded by Chris Holmes from NASA Glenn Research Center

8165 Downloads | 207 Likes | 05.10.2004

change-symbol-pinname-char.ulp by admin

Replaces a character in pin names for all symbol pins in a library to a new character (e.g. RESET\\\\ to RESET#). \r\nUploaded by Bob Starr from RTZ Audio

8307 Downloads | 187 Likes | 06.30.2007

fastplacer.ulp by admin

FastPlacer erleichtert das Platzieren der Bauteile, indem es erlaubt, bestimmte Netzklassen (z.B. GND und supplies) in den Airwires auszublenden.\r\nUploaded by Luc Eberhard from EOL Eberhard

8478 Downloads | 210 Likes | 10.27.2006

fastgcode.zip by admin

The ULP *FastGcode* is a optimized and flexible G-code generator - toolpaths generated are 3 to 10 faster than similar programs. In the zip you will find two versions that are optimized for Eagle 4.16 and 5.4 ( the only differences are the control positions in the dialog. Happy milling to all ! Livio \r\nUploaded by Livio Cicala

8595 Downloads | 215 Likes | 03.12.2009