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User Language Programs(ULP)

Customize your EAGLE software with community-created programs.

toggle-layer1.1.ulp by dcoryh192

v1.1 Update: Added smart mode option. Will only enable certain layers (tPlace, bStop, etc.) if the respective copper layer is already enabled. See description for more details and usage. Simple ULP to toggle layers. Intended to use with key shortcuts, but works fine in any application. Argument can be either layer name or number, or a mix of both. Only tested in Layout but should work in lib/lay/sch. No limit to number of arguments. Special CLI option to toggle all arguments the same direction or each individually.

1486 Downloads | 241 Likes | 07.30.2013

export-partlist-csv.ulp by hanneseilers

ULP that exports all parts to a csv file. seperating each column with a semicolon. Script skips parts with empty values or from libraries beginning with supply or holes. Parts could be grouped if they have the same value and package-type.

1989 Downloads | 250 Likes | 07.30.2013

change-values.ulp by hanneseilers

ULP to change values in schematic, that start with a specific suffix. Example: Changes value of all parts with value beginning with 150R to 150k.

1596 Downloads | 248 Likes | 07.30.2013

rename-sig-with-suffix.ulp by hanneseilers

ULP to rename signals that start with a specific suffix. Example: rename GND1, GND2, ... with suffix GN into GND.

1452 Downloads | 469 Likes | 07.30.2013

export-protelpcb4layer.ulp by stepover

- Support 4-Layer - from Alex Galakhov\'s export-protelpcb.ulp - Optimezed for OLINUXINO-MICRO. - Character \'%\' in any Texts will be substituted with \'$\' - still no polygones

4317 Downloads | 274 Likes | 08.07.2013

scroll-layer1.1.ulp by dcoryh192

***v1.1 Update: Fixed bug where layers wouldn\'t scroll correctly if a layer was visible but not used, a.k.a. nothing had been placed on the layer yet.*** Pretty much editnext-sheet/editprev-sheet, but for board layouts. Scrolls through visible copper layers based on what is used. Will work with any amount of copper layers (up to 16 of course) with no extra configuration. Top, bottom, and all also display respective place, name, docu layers as well. The ULP should be pretty easy to edit to change this behavior.

1441 Downloads | 286 Likes | 08.09.2013

generate_header.ulp by martonmiklos

ULP to generate net definitions for AVR GCC projects from the schematic.

1547 Downloads | 239 Likes | 08.24.2013

unrouted-and-dangling-nets-v2.zip by ADMsystems

Building on the danglingnets.ulp, code by Alan Stummer, this modified version now includes similar and additional functions for both “unrouted” and “dangling” nets. Version 2.0 2013.08.26 ***Fixed a bug that caused zoom to wrong coordinates and refined Zoom Select Algorithm to better display the selected net.*** unrouted-and-dangling-nets-v2... A ULP for confirming and listing those sometimes hard to find “unrouted” and “dangling” net stubs. Separate lists are created for the “unrouted” and “dangling” nets when they are found. Any net in the lists may be specifically selected for viewing and editing. Displayed information for each net found includes the net’s name and coordinates. The “dangling” net’s list will also include the net’s layer number. When any net is selected for viewing, its layer is set to “visible=yes” assuring that it can be seen. Since this ULP makes a call to run itself after executing a command, only change the file name if you know how to edit the code to point to the new name. The same applies to the renaming of or moving of the \"ratsnest.png\" file to a different directory. Unrouted-and-dangling-nets.png is included for use as a custom menu icon should you wish to use it.

2172 Downloads | 287 Likes | 08.27.2013

bom-ex154.zip by BStarr

The latest version of BOM-EX 1.54 for use with Eagle v6.5.0

1860 Downloads | 265 Likes | 09.16.2013

bomattroid-20131004.ulp by MichaelMilbert

bomattroid-20131004 ULP combines \"bom_with_attributes_v1.06\" (by CADSOFT) with centroid location logic and a few helper functions taken from \"bom-am-19\" (by Robert A. Rioja) to generate a Bill of Materials BoM plus centroid data (i.e., X-Y locations of components on board) for pick-and-place. Fixed CSV output of field data having double-quotes.

1963 Downloads | 248 Likes | 10.04.2013