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User Language Programs(ULP)

Customize your EAGLE software with community-created programs.

importnetlist_pads.ulp by admin

This is a pads netlist importer. It is based on the prior postings of Jean Simonet and Ralf Kilguss (Tango importer). Be forewarned that the PADS netlist format may be older (not sure which version), but you should easily be able to modify the script for newer versions.\r\nUploaded by Keith Williams from USA

7446 Downloads | 170 Likes | 04.25.2008

panelize.zip by admin

This ULP offers a way to get an array of several boards with identical silk screen. Please read the hints in the file. This Version support Spin-Flag, require version >= 4.11.Das ULP erlaubt eine Nutzenerstellung bei dem der Bestueckungsdruck auf den einzelnen Platinen gleich bleibt. Bitte lesen Sie die Hinweise in der Datei.Diese Version unterstützt das Spin-Flag und setzt eine Version >= 4.11 voraus.\r\nUploaded by A. Zaffran from CadSoft

7459 Downloads | 162 Likes | 12.10.2004

spiral-coil.zip by admin

Spiral-Spulen-Generator für mehr Info drücken Sie den Help-Button.This ULP generate a print coil, press Help on menue for more info.\r\nUploaded by A. Zaffran from CadSoft

7471 Downloads | 167 Likes | 01.25.2005

exp_project_lbr_1_2.ulp by admin

Export project libraries from schematic or board. Requires version 4 or greater. Substitutes exp_project_lbr_1_1.ulp.\r\nUploaded by Rudi Hofer from CadSoft

7491 Downloads | 192 Likes | 05.16.2001

b_cnc.ulp by admin

Bohrdaten und Board-Outline zurweiteren Aufbereitung für CNC \r\nUploaded by Anton Riedl

7552 Downloads | 207 Likes | 09.10.1999

spice.zip by admin

ULP for generating a SPICE netlist (any comment is welcome)\r\nUploaded by Rudi Hofer from CadSoft

7564 Downloads | 214 Likes | 04.22.1998

adimv4_0in.ulp by admin


7583 Downloads | 174 Likes | 03.04.2005

unrouted2.ulp by admin

The unrouted.ulp has been altered to reduce the large number of airwires that can easly be created. The script generates \"unrouted.txt\" and \"correct.scr\" files. By running the last one, it can wire all airwires that satisfy cirtain criteria. Doesn\"t work properly in all circumstances but can be still effectively used.\r\nUploaded by Levente Torok from University of Miskolc

7631 Downloads | 194 Likes | 06.16.2000

import-tango.ulp by admin

This ULP can be used to translate Tango Netlist to Eagle script. If you wish to use your OrCad schematic with Eagle Layout than just export your netlist into Tango format and translate with this ULP to Eagle Script. Eagle footprints can be already added into OrCad schematic. \r\nUploaded by Ralf Kilguss from Endpoints Inc.

7676 Downloads | 163 Likes | 01.15.2003

silk_gen.ulp by admin

Generates new top and bottom silk screen layers using lines that are within user-defined width limits. Useful for submitting boards to manufacturers with minimum silk screen line width limits. New features include: one click removal of generated silk screen layers, limit the maximum line width as well as the minimum, select the source layers from a list, convert filled rectangles and circles to outlines and solid filled polygons to hatch filled. For Eagle 4.1.\r\nUploaded by Alex Holden from Nelson, England.

7741 Downloads | 170 Likes | 03.22.2006