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User Language Programs(ULP)

Customize your EAGLE software with community-created programs.

card_edge_board_fingers_(generic_inch).ulp by admin

This ULP generates a script which, when run in a library editor window, creates generic card edge board fingers (inch dimensions), with two key symbols per \\\"device\\\" (keys added to schematic by REQUESTing them. The keys are NOT automatically added to the generated board, they must be added manually). The ULP (written for 4.09r2) is fairly well documented. Feel free to modify it for your specific finger spacings/sizes.\r\nUploaded by Thomas Barlet from USA

8912 Downloads | 180 Likes | 12.13.2003

hpgl.ulp by admin

Generates a HPGL file for each schematic page\r\nUploaded by Peter Kuhlemann

6458 Downloads | 176 Likes | 02.16.2004

show-netclass-by-layer.ulp by admin

This ULP runs in a schematic and defines the layers 190 Class0, 191 Class1, ... 197 Class7. It then draws (or traces) wires on the layer corresponding to the class of every net.\r\nUploaded by Neil Allison from Avon Technical Solutions, NZ

4831 Downloads | 173 Likes | 02.18.2004

ultimatefind.zip by admin

Two files included: FindFrst - an updated find.ulp FindNext - repeat the last find Notable improvements: 1. Wildcard searches, such as C* 2. Find next using FindNext.ULP (FindFrst.ulp creates a list of finds based on your criteria, and FindNext steps through the finds) 3. Auto-Invokes INFO if selected 4. Improved zoom function (selects between regular and 2x) 5. Creates a list of finds, used to check parts quickly - best used with wildcard finds. 6. Better control over found elements (nets, pin names, pin numbers, reference designators, etc). FIND.ULP is very bad selective searches. RECOMMEND USAGE: Assign FindFrst.ULP to F12 Assign FindNext.ULP to Control+F12 - Hit F12 to find R* - Hit control+F12 to cycle through all the found elements. *any suggestions are welcome*\r\nUploaded by Claudio Irrgang from Micro Interface Design

5441 Downloads | 165 Likes | 03.10.2004

orcad_netlist.ulp by admin

Takes a board file and exports an OrCad Layout ASCII file. The ULP exports the compnents and netlist, along with X&Y and rotation. With a properly matched library between Orcad and Eagle (footprint names and datum point) a decent OrCad layout can be achieved. Even the parts are placed exactly the same! Only the nets would have to be routed.\r\nUploaded by Claudio Irrgang from Micro Interface Design

8948 Downloads | 198 Likes | 03.10.2004

change_prefix.ulp by admin

Updated 28 MAR 2003 [written for V4.11] Includes a fix for a bug that caused devices to be created without packages and symbols. This ULP opens a dialog box that requests the prefix to change and the new prefix. It then opens each library in turn, checks each device for the old prefix, and if found, changes it to the new prefix. Note that the prefix is changed using a script file that is automatically run after all libraries are scanned.\r\nUploaded by Thomas Barlet from SC, USA

7819 Downloads | 193 Likes | 03.30.2004

renumber-sch-group_v2.ulp by admin

Renumber the parts of a schematic, optionally specifying start number, skipping digits and/or only those parts within a user specified rectangular area. The original did not work with user areas and multiple sheets. This one does. Comments welcome.\r\nUploaded by Neil Allison from Avon Technical Solutions

7030 Downloads | 169 Likes | 04.17.2004

pathalign.ulp by admin

Dieses ULP dient dazu im Layout-Editor Bauelemente entlang eines Kurvenzuges anzuordnen. Sehr nuetzlich zB fuer aus LEDs bestehenden Quasi-Analog Anzeigen. \r\nUploaded by Johannes Frank

5743 Downloads | 177 Likes | 05.09.2004

traceres.ulp by admin

This ULP calculates the resistance and current capacity of all traces on a board. The result is a text overlay that makes a good visual aid.\r\nUploaded by Chris Holmes from NASA Glenn Research Center

8071 Downloads | 182 Likes | 05.10.2004

epscdraw.ulp by admin

This ULP export board or schematic to Color EPS. Program is based on epsdraw.ulp. Edit EPS file (or this ULP) to change color of printed layers in EPS.\r\nUploaded by Filip Kinovic from VSCHT Praha, CZ

5395 Downloads | 179 Likes | 05.10.2004