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User Language Programs(ULP)

Customize your EAGLE software with community-created programs.

adjust_net_names.ulp by admin

This ULP moves the net/bus names so that they do not rest directly on the wire. This helps to better discern an E from an F, for example. This version corrects pathname problem, the error where Eagle sometimes chooses the wire first rather than the text, and now works on busses as well as nets.\r\nUploaded by Kevin Callan

8045 Downloads | 171 Likes | 10.22.2003

drillplan-autodim.ulp by admin

Drillplan and auto-dimension combined. One command \\\"prettys up\\\" your board for documentation, counts holes, counts SMT parts and pads, and automatically dimensions your board. Only available in mm at this time. \r\nUploaded by Lawrence Lile from Salton inc.

5859 Downloads | 162 Likes | 10.24.2003

array-qfpsmd.zip by admin

This ULP automates the process of creating surface mount quad flat pack arrays. Unzip to ULP directory.\r\nUploaded by George C Blat from BRD Corp

5969 Downloads | 167 Likes | 11.03.2003

4quad.ulp by admin

This ULP generates a table of part positions (*.4qd), that can be used for programming SMD placement machines.\r\nUploaded by Sven Petersen from Amotec GmbH

6871 Downloads | 182 Likes | 11.03.2003

make_drillfile.zip by admin

This ULP generates a drill tool table (*.drl) and a drill statistics (*.drs). The drill statistics is a table of drill diameters with the associated number of drills and the total number of drills. \r\nUploaded by Sven Petersen from Amotec GmbH

5656 Downloads | 177 Likes | 11.03.2003

array-rectqfp.zip by admin

This ULP creates all the SMD pads for a rectangular (non-square) QFP. Unzip to the ULP directory.\r\nUploaded by George Blat from BRD Corp

5805 Downloads | 158 Likes | 11.05.2003

drillplan3_0_mm.ulp by admin

The same as drillplan3_0 but the diameters are in Millimeters [mm] Generates Drill Legends - This version (3.0) adds separate counts for plated holes, and draws table smallest-to-largest to better match drill config files.\r\nUploaded by Richard Hammerl

5842 Downloads | 173 Likes | 11.06.2003

importbom_and_netlist.zip by admin

These are a couple of scripts I wrote to facilitate the importing of Orcad schematics into the layout editor. ImportNetlist.ulp imports a PADS2K netlist. ImportBOM (the most useful of both) imports a regular Orcad BOM file and lets you select the package for each group of items. The scripts are not well commented, maybe soon I\"ll work on that.\r\nUploaded by Jean Simonet from - NONE -

11074 Downloads | 205 Likes | 11.24.2003

cmd-change-swap-layer.zip by admin

Change and swap (copper) layer. Version 4.1\r\nUploaded by A. Zaffran from CadSoft

5594 Downloads | 176 Likes | 11.27.2003

fill-via4vacuum.ulp by admin

Generate a mask to fill vias for vacuum adapter.\r\nUploaded by A. Zaffran from CadSoft

5921 Downloads | 176 Likes | 12.08.2003