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User Language Programs(ULP)

Customize your EAGLE software with community-created programs.

dxfimport_1.4.ulp by bcoleman

Modified DXFImport v1.3 to permit applying a scale factor to the DXF data (and optionally the linewidth and origins).

2920 Downloads | 310 Likes | 01.09.2014

snap.ulp by CadSoftSupport

This program moves objects from schematics, boards or libraries, so that their origins (or end points) are on a given grid. The grid size and the objects to snap can be set with a dialog box or the command line. Author: Andreas Weidner

2955 Downloads | 224 Likes | 07.12.2012

felicitas_pcbsim.ulp by CadSoftSupport

Interface for PCBSim, a simulation tool for signal integrity analysis developed by Felicitas Customized Engineering GmbH.

2961 Downloads | 304 Likes | 03.03.2014

bom_with_attributes_v1.06.zip by eagle38106

This zip-file contains the new (V1.06) bom_w_attr.ulp and a sample which makes use of the attribute features. The new version lists the used libary, too. It fixes some errors in the sort by value mode. CSV export uses either comma or colon to separate the column data.

2973 Downloads | 208 Likes | 08.17.2012

eagle2freerouter-8-march-2014.zip by Elco

[replaces version of 20-Feb-2014] DSN file converter for the Freerouter autorouter (see forum on www.freerouting.net). New version reads BRD XML file directly, no intermediate script needed.

2978 Downloads | 291 Likes | 03.08.2014

copypaste-v3.zip by bdrung

copypaste allows you to copy a schematic and a corresponding board without loosing the placement of the elements on the board. You can copy a schematic and board from a newer version of EAGLE to an older version of EAGLE. The copy ULP creates one script for the schematic and one for the board that creates and places all elements of the source. These scripts are stored as clipboard_schematic.scr and clipboard_board.scr. The paste ULP combines the clipboard scripts, renames the elements with conflicting names, and stores the result as paste.scr. The paste script is then executed. This is version 3 of copypaste. It fixes one bug of the previous version 2: It copies the value of a part if the user overwrote a non-user-definable value.

3126 Downloads | 206 Likes | 07.29.2012

eagle2svg-1.2.ulp by admin

This ULP converts schematics and boards to SVG 1.1 vectorgraphic files. Changes from 1.1: Fixed drill holes, optimized stylesheet generation\r\nUploaded by Henry Institoris

3206 Downloads | 201 Likes | 07.10.2011

wavepallet.ulp by admin

Generates a script to draw a keepout area around through hole pads, to help SMD layout when using selective wave soldering pallets. Only works with round, square and octagon pads at present.\r\nUploaded by Ben Heggs from Irisys

3206 Downloads | 166 Likes | 06.09.2010

change-text-in-lbr-v1_2.ulp by CadSoftSupport

This ULP based on change-text-in-lbr.ulp changes all text fonts to vector and scans through all packages and symbols changing the text size/ratio to selectable new size and ratio settings for items on layers 21, 25, 27, 48, 51, 94, 95, 96 and 97. Choose text layer for additional information from layers 21, 48, 51, 94 or 97 only. Do not use layers 25, 27, 95, 96 for additional information.

3275 Downloads | 643 Likes | 05.17.2016

bom-ex156.zip by BStarr

The latest version of BOM-EX now includes support for Assembly Variants with Eagle 6. Updated documentation included also.

3309 Downloads | 217 Likes | 10.11.2013