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User Language Programs(ULP)

Customize your EAGLE software with community-created programs.

protel2eagle.zip by admin

This ULP will convert a netlist in Protel .NET format to an Eagle script and PCB layout.\r\nUploaded by Tom Connelly from Cardonald College

9463 Downloads | 213 Likes | 12.12.2002

import-tango.ulp by admin

This ULP can be used to translate Tango Netlist to Eagle script. If you wish to use your OrCad schematic with Eagle Layout than just export your netlist into Tango format and translate with this ULP to Eagle Script. Eagle footprints can be already added into OrCad schematic. \r\nUploaded by Ralf Kilguss from Endpoints Inc.

7786 Downloads | 199 Likes | 01.15.2003

autoplace_v3.ulp by admin

Crude autoplace ULP, adaptation of Cadsoft original IIRC. v4 compatible, creates grouping based on SCH and handles multiple sheets \r\nUploaded by David Moodie from OptoSci Ltd

19988 Downloads | 263 Likes | 01.23.2003

par2rtf_so.ulp by admin

Gibt die Partlist und Bill of Materials als RTF-Datei in Tabellenform aus.Getestet unter Staroffice 6.0\r\nUploaded by Bronner Thomas from Ing.-Büro Völpel GmbH

5189 Downloads | 196 Likes | 01.27.2003

par2rtf_ms.ulp by admin

Gibt die Partlist und Bill of Materials als Tabellen im RTF-Format aus, sowie 2 unterschiedliche Header für jede Tabelle.Ist unter MS-Office 7.0 und 2000 getestet.\r\nUploaded by Bronner Thomas from Ing.-Büro Völpel GmbH

5796 Downloads | 192 Likes | 01.27.2003

snap-pin-in-smbol.ulp by admin

Snap (move) PINs in Symbol to Grid (Default)\r\nUploaded by A. Zaffran from CadSoft

5173 Downloads | 199 Likes | 02.05.2003

cmd-change-wire-width.zip by admin

This ULP changes the wire width of certain signals in a board and do have a wire width in between the minimum and maximum values.\r\nUploaded by A. Zaffran from CadSoft

6050 Downloads | 196 Likes | 02.12.2003

make-mask-in-lbr.zip by admin

Make user defined Stop- and Cream-Mask in Library\r\nUploaded by A. Zaffran from CadSoft

5317 Downloads | 197 Likes | 02.12.2003

renumsch-at-starting-num.ulp by admin

renumber a schematic, starting at number of your choice----this replaces the previous one of the same name which had a bug. (it would start at \\\"101\\\" if you entered \\\"100\\\") It still won\"t renumber a part with a trailing letter like \\\"C5A\\\".\r\nUploaded by Douglas Hartell from Theatronix

6116 Downloads | 188 Likes | 03.21.2003

eagletogrs.zip by admin

ULP zur Ausgabe der Eagle-Daten in einem Format, welches direkt von einem Polar GRS500 Flying Probe Testsystem eingelesen werden kann. \r\nUploaded by Hermann Reischer from Polar Instruments

5195 Downloads | 192 Likes | 04.14.2003