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User Language Programs(ULP)

Customize your EAGLE software with community-created programs.

measureslength.ulp by admin

This Ulp read all the wires placed in measures layer (47) and draw the length in the board of each wire. If modified some wire of measures layer run this ulp again.\r\nUploaded by Emerson Ospino Urbano from Perú(South America)

2576 Downloads | 209 Likes | 09.08.2011

add_attrib_lbr.ulp by admin

a ULP to add an attribute to all devices in an opened library\r\nUploaded by Maurice SAAB from SEC-lebanon

2578 Downloads | 187 Likes | 07.02.2011

doublelayermodelamillanddrill.zip by admin

Double layer, through hole PCB manufacturing for Roland Modela 3D-plotters used in Fablab\"s all over the world.\r\nUploaded by Oswald van Ginkel from CRCED, fablab

2630 Downloads | 170 Likes | 03.26.2011

exp-project-replace-lbr.ulp by BStarr

This is a modified version of \'exp-project-lbr\' that also generates a script that replaces all parts in your schematic with the newly generated library. Thus, your schematic/board will be updated to use all parts from the single library. Note you must use the generate as \"single lib\" option in order to replace all parts. Note you can also disable the library prefix name if desired.

2679 Downloads | 208 Likes | 08.05.2012

negasilk.zip by admin

This ULP generates for inverse text on the silkscreen. Written by Christian Bohrer, uploaded by Jorge Garcia\r\nUploaded by Jorge Garcia from Cadsoft USA

2720 Downloads | 206 Likes | 02.27.2012

bom_w_attr_v2.ulp by MaaadBob

Extending version 1.06 by Carsten Wille (eagle38106) Variant assembly BOM now available. Variant name and part/value choice automatically part of filename.

2768 Downloads | 214 Likes | 11.05.2013

gencad_130.ulp by admin

GENCAD V1.30 generates GENCAD placement data. Based on V1.27. Saves to dialog file name. Now rotations with all angles possible. Before only 90,180,270° were possible.\r\nUploaded by Peter Schulz from ROB-Engineering GmbH

2781 Downloads | 162 Likes | 03.23.2011

snap2grid.ulp by admin

Snaps the origins of parts in the current selected group to a specified grid. Handy for initial placement of parts in a new board design. This ULP can be called from any of the EAGLE editors (board, schematic, package, etc.), though not all elements can be snapped. Can be called to undo the last Snap2Grid operation in the current editor. Type \'run Snap2Grid.ulp help\' for a comprehensive usage description and examples.\r\nUploaded by Dave Billin from EAGLE user

2872 Downloads | 210 Likes | 01.26.2012

bom-ex145.zip by BStarr

The latest and greatest version of BOM-EX v1.45 with some minor enhancements and other fixes.

2883 Downloads | 205 Likes | 04.24.2012

move-board-group.ulp by admin

Generate a script of GROUP selected parts and write the locations to a script. This may be used to move parts in one or more board files or restore a placement of parts later.\r\nUploaded by Bob Starr from RTZ Audio

2888 Downloads | 177 Likes | 01.30.2011