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User Language Programs(ULP)

Customize your EAGLE software with community-created programs.

select7.ulp by damhave

Selects components, classes or nets listed at the command line or in a GUI dialog. Can add, subtract, filter or create a new group. Rename file to select.ulp before use. Update of my select4 ulp with new features and Eagle 7 support. Documentation in Eagle Control Panel:User Language Programs:select.ulp

2294 Downloads | 667 Likes | 02.04.2016

group-aps.ulp by admin

This ULP does a simple auto-place of components on a board based on any parts selected by the GROUP command in a schematic. \r\nUploaded by Bob Starr from RTZ Audio

2320 Downloads | 209 Likes | 03.12.2012

teardrop_113.zip by ars662001

Teardrop creation script Version 1.13. Improves teardrops for small wire/big via/pad. Correction of some glitches.

2329 Downloads | 206 Likes | 01.05.2014

bom-ex149.zip by BStarr

The lastest version of BOM-EX which now includes filtering options in the pick part dialog. This makes it easier to find parts in the database when assigning a part number to a part.

2366 Downloads | 204 Likes | 08.05.2012

price_caculation_ulp.ulp by nouraq

The main function of this ULP is allowing you to calculate the price or order your PCB/PCBA board faster and easier.

2385 Downloads | 581 Likes | 11.04.2015

attrib-add108.ulp by BStarr

Add schematic part attributes utility for use with bom-ex. Updated to work with Eagle v6.2 and v5.11.

2386 Downloads | 193 Likes | 05.08.2012

bom-ex150.zip by BStarr

The latest version of BOM-EX now includes a package verify feature. The packages codes can be defined in the database for each part. The package check features compares the database package code against the device package to verify each package has the proper footprint assigned for a particular part.

2392 Downloads | 232 Likes | 02.28.2013

pcb-pool.ulp by admin

This ULP sends your PCB parameters to the website of PCB-POOL and calculates the price for manufacturing and for component assembly of your board (no login or registration needed). Version 1.08. You will find an additional tool that automatically installs the ULP and a button in EAGLE under \"DOWNLOADS\" on the www.pcb-pool.com website.\r\nUploaded by Gernot Seeger from Beta LAYOUT GmbH

2395 Downloads | 278 Likes | 11.21.2011

snapeda_plugin_for_eagle.zip by snapeda

Plugin to search for CAD parts (symbols and PCB footprints) on SnapEDA

2416 Downloads | 624 Likes | 03.23.2016

ulp_querydigikey.inc by admin

ULP Include file. Provides the function QueryDigikey(). Given a Digikey part number, it returns the quantity available and pricing information.\r\nUploaded by Alex Mykyta from Student

2573 Downloads | 179 Likes | 03.14.2011