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User Language Programs(ULP)

Customize your EAGLE software with community-created programs.

arg.ulp by admin

Autorote group that is selected in either schematic or board. Nets can be excluded in dialogue & saved in .ini file. A rip up script is automatically generated.\r\nUploaded by Jim Meech from Foster+Freeman Ltd.

2371 Downloads | 199 Likes | 05.27.2011

cleanwire_110.zip.zip by ars662001

This ULP allows the elimination of double wires, stubs and other artifacts around vias and pads. It\'s very useful to eliminate teardrop artifacts on vias and pads created by other scripts.

2383 Downloads | 251 Likes | 01.05.2014

pcb-service.ulp by CadSoftSupport

This new version of the PCB service ULP extends the existing service in EAGLE by offering also an assembly service for US customers. Simply add this ULP and replace the existing one. It works for version 5.10 and higher.

2385 Downloads | 243 Likes | 07.13.2012

dxfimport1.2.zip by JorgeGarcia

DXFimport - v1.2 This version of dxfimport contains improved polyline import thanks to contributions from Holger Moessinger.

2399 Downloads | 217 Likes | 06.19.2012

eagle2freerouter.ulp by Elco

[updated version 29-May-2013] Converter to use the Freerouter autorouter (www.freerouting.net), replacing the brd_to_dsn.ulp utility. Ability to set internal layer keepouts, protect wires, via\'s and polygons. Usage guide available in the Freerouting technical support forum.

2407 Downloads | 250 Likes | 06.04.2013

gencad_131.ulp by admin

GENCAD V1.31generates GENCAD placement data. The specification states that string parameters should have double quotes escaped in the output file. This was added. \r\nUploaded by Aaron Hall from NRG Systems Inc.

2429 Downloads | 241 Likes | 03.06.2012

mountsmd_altium.ulp by coflynn

Pick and Place File for Altium Format

2441 Downloads | 359 Likes | 02.05.2015

partlist_105.zip by ars662001

Shows the partlist with all part info that can be used on schematics or board. On double-clic, the part is highlighted. If the schematics has several sheets, it will jump to the sheet of the selected part. Partlists can be saved from sch or brd.

2449 Downloads | 348 Likes | 01.08.2014

group-aps.ulp by admin

This ULP does a simple auto-place of components on a board based on any parts selected by the GROUP command in a schematic. \r\nUploaded by Bob Starr from RTZ Audio

2453 Downloads | 253 Likes | 03.12.2012

pcb-pool.ulp by admin

This ULP sends your PCB parameters to the website of PCB-POOL and calculates the price for manufacturing and for component assembly of your board (no login or registration needed). Version 1.08. You will find an additional tool that automatically installs the ULP and a button in EAGLE under \"DOWNLOADS\" on the www.pcb-pool.com website.\r\nUploaded by Gernot Seeger from Beta LAYOUT GmbH

2519 Downloads | 327 Likes | 11.21.2011