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Learn how to use EAGLE from a variety of example projects.

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spi_3v.rar by danbms

Level translator with power source Transistors - BSS138P Power source - LD1117AS33

Downloadlike531 Downloads | 18 Likes | 05.23.2016

power_supply_0-24v_lnt2015.zip by BRedemann

Simple linear power supply adjustable between 0...24V (max. depends on the input voltage). With current limitation (0...2A). Input voltage can be any AC or DC voltage up to 32VDC (max of LM324). PCB is a single layer, only THT component on this board. No smds. Board size: 85x52mm

Downloadlike1265 Downloads | 26 Likes | 05.21.2016

usb_charger_circuit.zip by aravind102030

A simple usb charging circuit.

Downloadlike973 Downloads | 21 Likes | 04.22.2016

inverter.brd by Lakparinji

Inverter for Mobile Phone

Downloadlike516 Downloads | 7 Likes | 04.01.2016

relais_bistabil_4kont..brd by GolfLima

Bord zur Platine bistabile 2 Spulenrelais.

Downloadlike486 Downloads | 11 Likes | 03.30.2016

relais_bistabil_4kont..sch by GolfLima

Platine mit 2 bistabilen 2-Spulenrelais mit je 2 Wechslern 2A 30V DC Spulenspannung 12 V

Downloadlike430 Downloads | 7 Likes | 03.30.2016

usb_charger.zip by Lakparinji

This is the portable simple mobile USB power bank charge controller I have made.

Downloadlike2578 Downloads | 24 Likes | 02.09.2016

avr_development_board_brdschpdf.rar by Ramy

AVR Development Board ( starting Kit ) with LCD port

Downloadlike1559 Downloads | 26 Likes | 01.29.2016

cnc_machine_control_mill.brd by Titanhnc

CNC board control for MACH 3 - BOB LPT

Downloadlike2770 Downloads | 48 Likes | 12.21.2015

pcbdcdcltc3426.brd by AkbarSukasdi

DC DC converter LTC3426 3.3V to 5V PCB layout

Downloadlike1620 Downloads | 21 Likes | 11.03.2015