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Learn how to use EAGLE from a variety of example projects.

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spi-flash-programmer-v2.rar by Tehnik

SPI FLash Programmer V2 more info at http://tehnikservice.net/projects/spi-flash-programmer-v2-2/

DownloadLike3187 Downloads | 168 Likes | 10.18.2014

max_712_nimh_charger.rar by Hako0812

Full intelligent NiMH Charging Solution for 4 cells with fast ch. with 1A and timeout/V-slope termination enabled. According to the Maxim Max712 Application Note, see full doc for more information

DownloadLike2695 Downloads | 154 Likes | 10.11.2014

lipo_laderegler_mcp73831-2.zip by Hako0812

Application from microchip for a fully automatic LiPo single cell charger from the USB port. Imax 500mA Size: 26.6 x 15 mm

DownloadLike3007 Downloads | 155 Likes | 09.06.2014

ads1234_app.zip by harsh1

this circuit can be used to interface Thermocouple and micro controller to detect wide range of temperatures.

DownloadLike3083 Downloads | 157 Likes | 08.09.2014

ads12341.brd by harsh1

ads1234 Board

DownloadLike1727 Downloads | 139 Likes | 07.30.2014

uv_aculed_vhl_connector.rar by Arto

UV PowerLED Connector for ACULED VHL. Eagle v6.6.0

DownloadLike1832 Downloads | 149 Likes | 07.30.2014

controller-1612-i2c-ds1820.sch by cdelfs

Schaltplan für HCAN Controller 1612 mit I2C-Konnektor und DS1812

DownloadLike2700 Downloads | 149 Likes | 05.24.2014

controller-1612-i2c-ds1820.brd by cdelfs

Board Platine für HCAN Controller 1612 mit I2C Expander und DS1812-Anschluß

DownloadLike1943 Downloads | 146 Likes | 05.24.2014

module-attiny48.zip by jpelletier

A small breakout board for the Atmel ATtiny48 with a 6-pin programming connector. This board is breadboard friendly.

DownloadLike3756 Downloads | 150 Likes | 04.15.2014

mach_do_dong_-_copy.brd by luong9

M?ch in ?o dòng AC

DownloadLike1735 Downloads | 153 Likes | 04.10.2014