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Learn how to use EAGLE from a variety of example projects.

bdm.zip by admin

Blumendurstmelder. Zeigt mit LED an, wenn Blumenerde trocken wird\r\nUploaded by Rainer Prell from privat

19333 Downloads | 238 Likes | 03.22.2005

rs232-ttl_converter.zip by admin

RS232 nach TTL, zum Anschluss und Datenaustausch zwischen PC und Mikrocontroller. Sehr klein, 44x44mm Singlelayer\r\nUploaded by Bernhard Redemann

19095 Downloads | 261 Likes | 09.05.2008

digital_volt&amp_meter_with_icl7107.zip by admin

This project is a volt and amper meter made special for panel use, this device is working with ICL7107 where is a A/D with LED seven segment driver and plus it have and one simply power supply \r\nUploaded by Sam Tzam

19053 Downloads | 289 Likes | 02.08.2009

ampli-lm1875-18w.sch by admin

Power ampli 18w.Power 6-18 VDC\r\nUploaded by Agnort from Ho Chi Minh

18432 Downloads | 256 Likes | 09.27.2004

atmel_prototype_header_files.zip by admin

These examples show how to make processor header boards using the Atmel_Prototype_Header library. Includes At91Sam7S64-256 and AtMega16 \r\nUploaded by William Arden from Arden R&D

18298 Downloads | 226 Likes | 09.19.2005

avr2313mod1.zip by admin

a Low-Cost AVR ATTINY2313 trainingsbord MODUL1\r\nUploaded by Dobbelaere William from Philips Brugge

18180 Downloads | 236 Likes | 02.25.2007

drehf.zip by admin

Drehfeldanzeiger Zeigt die Richtung des Drehfeldes und das Vorhandensein der 3 Phasen an.\r\nUploaded by Rainer Prell from privat

18130 Downloads | 230 Likes | 03.22.2005

icd2.zip by admin

Debugger for MICROCHIP microcontroler\r\nUploaded by Eric BARGE

17990 Downloads | 217 Likes | 08.13.2005

icd2_usb_clone2.zip by admin

noch ein ICD2 fuer PICs (MICROCHIP), sehr kompakt (SMD) mit USB-Anschluss, inkl. SW (*.hex) fuer beide Prozessoren. Dank der Inspiration von WWW.PWM.PE.KR\r\nUploaded by G. Tkach from ----

17184 Downloads | 242 Likes | 12.11.2007

avr_zigbee_802.15.4_reva01.zip by admin

This is a project tageted on ZigBee and DSRC communication. It is currently using a Atmel AVR CPU (ATmega88) and a Freescale MC1319x (MC13191, MC13192 or MC13193) for communication with 802.15.4 on the 2.4GHz free frequency. Project homepage http://www.anteeo.se/zigbee.php\r\nUploaded by Johan Englund from www.anteeo.se

16880 Downloads | 230 Likes | 12.29.2005