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Learn how to use EAGLE from a variety of example projects.

amp-tda2822-dual.zip by admin

A small 1W Dual Channel audio amplifier using TDA2822 IC. Including volume controls. 12V PSU is Ideal. No heatsink required for IC. By default, the design only displays the bare circuit in \"board view\", so just enable the necessary layers for component values and pinouts.\r\nUploaded by Bradlin Basson from South Africa

56536 Downloads | 245 Likes | 07.13.2010

battery_charger.zip by admin

battery charger with auto-stop when the voltage battery reach preset value.\r\nUploaded by Bogdan Rusu from S.C.AXEL TELECOM CLUJ S.R.L.

35507 Downloads | 264 Likes | 07.30.2002

70...100w_dmos_audio_amplifier_with_mute&st-by.rar by admin

70W...100W DMOS AUDIO AMPLIFIER WITH MUTE/ST-BY Supply Voltage +/- 38Vmax Size: 36,4KB\r\nUploaded by Krzysztof Pietraszynski

31296 Downloads | 255 Likes | 01.16.2005

battery_monitor.zip by admin

battery monitor and protection.\r\nUploaded by Rusu Bogdan from Romania

27864 Downloads | 256 Likes | 09.18.2003

audio_spectrum_analyzer.zip by admin

A simple 10 band audio spectrum analyzer\r\nUploaded by Nguyen Kim Huy from Vietnam

26911 Downloads | 251 Likes | 08.23.2003

atmelprog.zip by admin

ISP programmer for Atmel AVR It\'s the circuit that can be found at http://www.lancos.com/prog.html\r\nUploaded by Kristof Thewissen from KHLim

26620 Downloads | 244 Likes | 04.27.2004

alarm.zip by admin

Eine Alarmanlage mit AVR, HexCode und LCD-Display, einseitiges Layout\r\nUploaded by Michael Hamacher from RWTH - Aachen

26524 Downloads | 229 Likes | 05.16.2006

ft232_modul.zip by admin

USBSeriell(TTL) converter modul based on FT232BM from FTDI (www.ftdichip.com). Designed for easy self-etching this project only need a single layer board. Boardfile, schematic, partlist and short description is included in zip-file. Very usefull to easily hook up small microcontrollers with UARTs to usb. No need for driver programming when using virtual-COM-port drivers freely available from FTDI.\r\nUploaded by Lutz Lisseck from student

26239 Downloads | 230 Likes | 05.21.2005

avrmp3.zip by admin

Stand-Alone-MP3-Player Hardware and software developed by Thomas Pototschnig (1999-2000) Features: - suitable for car - has a 240*64 pixel Graphic-Text-Display - is capable of adressing IDE harddisks up to 128Gb - FAT32 + Windows long filenames - Tone control (vol, bass, treble) - sorting of the directory - filesearch through the entire harddisk - Playlist (max. 500 entries) - Shuffle, Repeat function - ID3, Bitrate, Frequency display - importing of playlists from winamp ZIP contains: - board and schematic of the project - ASM source code + binary of the player software - Experimentel C software for a higher developed player software My homepage can be found at www.oxed.de\r\nUploaded by Thomas Pototschnig

26065 Downloads | 244 Likes | 06.21.2004

32_bit_led_and_light_flasher_.zip by admin

Ein 32-Bit

25376 Downloads | 228 Likes | 11.26.2003