Reference Designs

Learn how to use EAGLE from a variety of example projects.

power_supply_lm2596adj.zip by BRedemann

Small, simple module with voltage regulator LM2596, adjustable. ON/OFF function using a jumper possible. Step down converter. Input voltage:4.5-40V Output voltage:1.5-35V(Adjustable) Output current: 2A Switching Frequency: 150KHz

4920 Downloads | 352 Likes | 06.20.2015

power_supply_0-15v.zip by BRedemann

Simple Power Supply (Linear) 0-15V with discrete components. No current limitation.

4633 Downloads | 337 Likes | 06.16.2015

bt9803r-bluetoothmodul.zip by BRedemann

This is a little Bluetooth Adapter Board for the Digital Benchmultimeter M9803R (or equal). You can connect this to the normal RS232 interface and the powersupply (intern) and the data can transfer over Bluetooth to the PC.

2723 Downloads | 334 Likes | 06.16.2015

raspberrybaddon.zip by BRedemann

This is an add-on board for the raspberry Pi Typ B+. You can mount it directly on the pinheader of the raspberry Pi.

3380 Downloads | 354 Likes | 06.15.2015

raspberry-add-on-board.zip by BRedemann

This is an add-on board for the raspberry Pi Typ B (older type, NOT B+). You can mount it directly on the pinheader of the raspberry Pi.

2544 Downloads | 329 Likes | 06.12.2015

breadboard_power_supply.rar by Tehnik

Breadboard Power Supply http://tehnikservice.net/projects/breadboard-power-supply/

3434 Downloads | 320 Likes | 06.02.2015

5v-3v3_reg_board.rar by Tehnik

5V – 3.3V REG BOARD http://tehnikservice.net/projects/5v-3-3v-reg-board/

3138 Downloads | 331 Likes | 06.02.2015

tqfp44.rar by Tehnik

TQFP44 Breakout Board to Dip http://tehnikservice.net/projects/tqfp44-breakout-board-to-dip/

1585 Downloads | 308 Likes | 06.02.2015

arduino_uno_r3_shield.rar by SalbaheJim

This is a blank shield board designed for Arduino Uno R3, ready for you to add your parts in Eagle CAD. The schematic includes custom headers with default power connections (+5V & GND). The PCB layout includes board dimensions, holes and headers already positioned and orientated. Look for the custom ARduino connector library I made (Arduino_JW.lbr) to simplify shield design. (This PCB should also be compatible with Arduino Leonardo, Due, Yun and Mega.)

8168 Downloads | 325 Likes | 03.18.2015

lcdmodule-16x2_1v0.sch by DF4IAH

I2C 16x2 LCD Expander Mittels I2C ein 16x2 LCD-Modul ansteuern, welches auf ANAG VISION AV1624 oder solchen Derivaten basiert (Conrad: 183342, 184594, 181651, 181664). Bauteile: U121: MCP23017 Q131: BC337 R141: Poti 10k lin. R111,R112: 1.5k R120,R121,R122: 100k C121: 470nF CON101: 6-POL 2x3 Stiftleiste mit/ohne Wanne, 2,54mm-Raster CON151: 16-POL 1x16 Buchsenleiste, 2,54mm-Raster JP120,JP121,JP122: Jumperstifte, 2,54mm-Raster R131: muss noch genau ermittelt werden. Keine Gewähr, DF4IAH.

3933 Downloads | 344 Likes | 03.18.2015