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smartcard.zip by admin

ISO 7816 SmartCard and CardSocket library made with eagle 4.09\r\nUploaded by Ira Borton from Home User

24989 Downloads | 202 Likes | 01.15.2002

sharp-arm.lbr by admin

Library for Sharp LH79520 ARM7-cored SoC. Fixes transposed pins in previous version.\r\nUploaded by Lewin Edwards from Digi-Frame Inc

22070 Downloads | 187 Likes | 02.01.2002

cypressmicro.zip by admin

Library containing all devices and packages of cypressmikro\'s PSoC family Cy8C25xxx/CY8C26xxx (http://www.cypressmikro.com). Bugreports or -fixes - if there are be any bugs (hopefully not) - are welcomed by the author :-)\r\nUploaded by Jens-Chr. G

22696 Downloads | 220 Likes | 02.01.2002

rcm2200.lbr by admin

Rabbit Semiconductor RCM2200 module. First library I ever made so it may need some work.\r\nUploaded by Michael Mensch from The College of New Jersey

21795 Downloads | 197 Likes | 02.08.2002

honda2-0.lbr by admin

Honda Bibliothek FKP\r\nUploaded by Guggisberg from Nitrochemie Wimmis AG

20410 Downloads | 216 Likes | 02.08.2002

phytec_phycore-167_v1.1.zip by admin

Contains Phytec\'s phyCORE-167. Warning: Made by an Eagle newbie, yet untested.\r\nUploaded by Peter Muthesius from FH-K

18593 Downloads | 197 Likes | 02.26.2002

mas3587f_v1.0.zip by admin

Contains Micronas\' MAS3587F in PMQFP64 (PLQFP64) package only. Made by Eagle newbie.\r\nUploaded by Peter Muthesius from FH-K

21651 Downloads | 201 Likes | 02.27.2002

atmel89cxxxx.lbr by admin

Miroslav Gallik: Some Atmel componentsGeorg Siepmann: update Atmel C51 Serie mit t89cc01 (80c51 mit CAN vergl.: C504C)\r\nUploaded by Miroslav Gallik, Georg Siepmann

70309 Downloads | 229 Likes | 02.28.2002

tex.lbr by admin

tms320f243 device with lqfp-144 package\r\nUploaded by lalit and saumitra from IIT BOMBAY

20477 Downloads | 199 Likes | 03.02.2002

tiger.lbr by admin

Basic Tiger A mit ser IO und RTC\r\nUploaded by Stefan Auchter from scotty engineering Freiburg Germany

19804 Downloads | 203 Likes | 03.21.2002