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ep_molex_6410_7395.zip by admin

Library for Connector Molex 6410/7395 series Mini-KK - 2.54mm(0.1 inch)pitch. Straight and Right Angle.\r\nUploaded by Ernesto PAISER from ESRF - European Synchrotron Radiation Facility

23644 Downloads | 199 Likes | 09.26.2001

con-subd.lbr by admin

con-subd mit Packagealternativen, Orientierung bleibt in den Alternativen erhalten\r\nUploaded by Uwe Bonnes from TU Darmstadt

25389 Downloads | 193 Likes | 10.10.2001

crystal.zip by admin

Diese LBR hat ein neues Bauteil. Einen Schwinger 4MHz von Conrad mit 3 Anschl

26132 Downloads | 200 Likes | 10.14.2001

z80lbr.zip by admin

Z80 Family Library, all parts (CPU, DMA, PIO CTC, SIO), all packages (DIP, PLCC, QFP). Includes EAGLE script file sources to rebuild the library.\r\nUploaded by Douglas Beattie Jr. from ICONIX Research, Ogden UT, U.S.A.

22792 Downloads | 204 Likes | 11.23.2001

traco.lbr by admin

DC/DC-Wandler der Fa. Traco\r\nUploaded by Bodo Fuhrmann from Martin-Luther-Universit

25152 Downloads | 194 Likes | 12.21.2001

phoenix_gicv-gf.lbr by admin

Contents Phoenix Connectors GMSTBV2,5 & GICV2,5 7,62mm\r\nUploaded by Uwe Bieser from Bieser Liftsteuerungen

21942 Downloads | 181 Likes | 01.06.2002

texas.lbr by admin

DSP from TI - TMS320LF2407 \r\nUploaded by Vladimir Hotovec from Callidus trading, Ltd., Czech republic

34530 Downloads | 198 Likes | 01.09.2002

lvds.lbr by admin

Library for National Semiconductor DS90CF363 LVDS encoder for flat panel display. Also suitable for pin-compatible THiNE THC63LVDM63A.\r\nUploaded by Lewin Edwards from Digi-Frame Inc

21464 Downloads | 185 Likes | 01.10.2002

smd-special.lbr by admin

Updated the smd_special library with a generic Mini-SO package type, needed, in my particular case, for a National voltage regulator. \r\nUploaded by Francisco Monteiro

29969 Downloads | 199 Likes | 01.11.2002

tms2402.lbr by admin

Library for DSP from TI - TMS320LF2402, PG package.\r\nUploaded by Vladimir Hotovec from Callidus trading, Ltd., Czech republic

20138 Downloads | 188 Likes | 01.11.2002