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maxim-max16814.lbr by rich55uk

Library for device MAX16814 which is very high-efficiency, high-brightness LED (HB LED) driver provides up to four integrated LED current sink channels.

2706 Downloads | 204 Likes | 07.25.2014

allegro-a8519.lbr by rich55uk

Here is library for Allegro device A8519 which is Wide Input Voltage Range High Efficiency Fault Tolerant LED Driver. It comes with 2 packages TSSOP20-LP and QFN28-ET.

2706 Downloads | 235 Likes | 11.02.2014

hmc5883l.lbr by saeedmou

Library for GY-271 3-axis HMC5883L Compass Module.

2707 Downloads | 205 Likes | 09.03.2014

zmdi-zled7000.lbr by rich55uk

Here is the library for ZLED7000 which is 40V LED driver with Internal switch (switching mode) with 95% efficiency. I have created footprint for the package SOT89-5 from scratch

2708 Downloads | 234 Likes | 08.30.2014

aquest.lbr by nyaqu

AQUEST Japaqnese one chip Text-to-speech LSI ATP3011, ATP3012 Series.

2715 Downloads | 267 Likes | 04.23.2015

con-fischer.lbr by AchimH

Fischer Single Connector Sleeves: SB4 (non isolated) + SB9 (isolated). Max. 500V @ 3A (max. 2A @ 70°C).

2716 Downloads | 225 Likes | 07.22.2014

max11628.lbr by av8or1

Maxim 11628EEE 12-bit external ADC

2717 Downloads | 222 Likes | 03.28.2014

pc3h710nipsoic4.lbr by yttrium

Optical isolator

2722 Downloads | 220 Likes | 01.14.2015

nuf2101_10.lbr by samuell

NUF2101 USB filter from ON Semiconductor. Thus is a USB filter for downstream ports (on the host side). It provides USB termination, filtering and ESD protection.

2723 Downloads | 323 Likes | 08.29.2015

p8x32a_10.lbr by samuell

P8X32A microcontroller from Parallax. This is a 32bit, 8-cog multiprocessor microcontroller, for high speed application that offers a low power consumption. This library contains all available variants.

2724 Downloads | 301 Likes | 09.10.2015