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wm8580.lbr by nikoladka

Eagle WM8580 digital audio chip from Wolfson/Cirrus.

2397 Downloads | 212 Likes | 02.01.2015

p8x32a_10.lbr by samuell

P8X32A microcontroller from Parallax. This is a 32bit, 8-cog multiprocessor microcontroller, for high speed application that offers a low power consumption. This library contains all available variants.

2398 Downloads | 260 Likes | 09.10.2015

stf202_10.lbr by samuell

STF202 USB filter from ON Semiconductor. This is a USB filter for upstream ports (on the device side). It provides USB termination, filtering and ESD protection.

2404 Downloads | 300 Likes | 08.29.2015

cdclvc11xx_10.lbr by samuell

CDCLVC11xx clock buffer from Texas Instruments. These are high performance clock buffers. The number of outputs varies according to the part number.

2408 Downloads | 230 Likes | 07.12.2015

aquest.lbr by nyaqu

AQUEST Japaqnese one chip Text-to-speech LSI ATP3011, ATP3012 Series.

2416 Downloads | 232 Likes | 04.23.2015

j_micromatch_0-338068-6.lbr by yttrium

Tyco MicroMaTch 6-pin vertical female board-mount through-hole connector.

2416 Downloads | 206 Likes | 01.13.2015

j_phycore_arm9_lpc3250_molex_55091-1679.lbr by yttrium

EAGLE dual-connector footprint and signal names for PhyCORE LPC3250 system on module

2417 Downloads | 208 Likes | 01.13.2015

maximintergrated-max71314-max71315.lbr by rich55uk

Smart metering becomes very popular these days and many companies produce specialized ICs for that and today I\'ve designed the library for Maxim Integrated devices MAX71314/MAX71315 which are single-Phase Electricity Meter SOCs. It comes with 100 pins package LQFP 14x14mm.

2419 Downloads | 211 Likes | 11.02.2014

st-microelectronics-stlux385a.lbr by rich55uk

Here is the library for STLUX385A which is digital controller for lighting and power conversion applications with 6 programmable PWM generators, 96 MHz PLL, with special interface DALI popular for LED applications.

2421 Downloads | 199 Likes | 08.25.2014

tp43w0-apem.lbr by Hicki

Taster der Firma APEM - TP43W0

2430 Downloads | 249 Likes | 09.14.2015