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huawei_mg323-b.lbr by DominikGuz


2322 Downloads | 222 Likes | 09.17.2014

exar_xr71211.lbr by rich55uk

Library for the XR71211which is a ultra low drop-out voltage regulator capable of delivering an output of 1.5Amps. It differentiates from its competitors by being able to operate from a single supply rail of 1.4V to 2.625V without the need for a noise generating charge pump or secondary bias rail

2322 Downloads | 206 Likes | 07.28.2014

j_micromatch_0-338068-4.lbr by yttrium

Tyco MicroMaTch 4-pin vertical female board-mount connector.

2328 Downloads | 209 Likes | 01.13.2015

g510.lbr by trebuH

FIBOCOM G510 gsm module.by trebuH

2348 Downloads | 312 Likes | 08.22.2015

altera-configdevices.lbr by GerhardHickel

Enthält die Altera EPCS-Devices und den N25Q128A13E von Micron, der funktions- aber nicht pinkompatibel zu den EPCQ-Devices von Altera ist und 1/10 davon kostet.

2348 Downloads | 236 Likes | 01.13.2015

globaltop-gnss.lbr by DF4IAH

GlobalTop-GNSS FireFly 1 (Gmm-g3) Based on MediaTek MT3333

2352 Downloads | 219 Likes | 03.17.2015

macom-maal-011111.lbr by rich55uk

Here is the library for MAAL-011111 which is a three stage 22 - 38 GHz GaAs MMIC low noise amplifier. This device has a small signal gain of 19 dB with a noise figure of 2.5 dB. The device comes with package QFN16 3x3mm.

2354 Downloads | 209 Likes | 08.16.2014

bt900-sx.lbr by Evert

Laird Technologies BT-900Sx. Intelligent BTv4.0 Dual Mode Module

2356 Downloads | 225 Likes | 12.17.2014

altera_cyclone_iii.lbr by GerhardHickel

Einige weitere Cyclone III Devices.

2361 Downloads | 229 Likes | 01.13.2015

intersil-isl85003_isl85003a.lbr by rich55uk

This the library for Highly Efficient 3A Synchronous Buck Regulator with DFN12 package that I created from scratch.

2362 Downloads | 197 Likes | 08.12.2014