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dip204b-4nlw.lbr by admin

Library for DIP204B series LCD displays from Electronic Assembly (www.lcdmodule.de)\r\nUploaded by Ray Ackley from Ford

57958 Downloads | 220 Likes | 03.04.2005

pic16f6xx-1.lbr by admin

Added PIC 16F630\r\nUploaded by Alexander Graf from [student of] Lise-Meitner-Gymnasium Falkensee

58158 Downloads | 222 Likes | 07.12.2006

ipod_con.lbr by admin

An Apple iPod 30-Pin Dock Connector. \r\nUploaded by Max P-W from Student

59106 Downloads | 212 Likes | 12.11.2008

1wire.lbr by admin

Onewire (also known as 1-wire or iButton) devices manufactured by Dallas/Maxim-IC (http://www.maxim-ic.com/1-Wire.cfm) License: LGPL This updated library corrects some bug has more chips, and makes use of the implicit power pin feature of eagle. \r\nUploaded by Jan Kandziora

59205 Downloads | 239 Likes | 03.10.2006

converter.lbr by admin

Tracopower DC-DC CONVERTER TSM SERIES SMD package for dual output\r\nUploaded by Radhika Ambatipudi from Mittuniversitetet

60120 Downloads | 224 Likes | 02.20.2006

resistor-ruf.lbr by admin

resistor\r\nUploaded by crmkp from turkey

61638 Downloads | 258 Likes | 05.05.2001

keystone.lbr by admin

Keystone test points/jacks, fuse holders and other misc items.\r\nUploaded by Bob Starr from RTZ Audio

62788 Downloads | 219 Likes | 01.09.2005

con-pulse.lbr by admin

PulseJack RJ45 Ethernet jack/transformer combo.\r\nUploaded by Bob Starr from RTZ Audio

64785 Downloads | 205 Likes | 11.18.2005

ipc-7351-resistor.lbr by admin

IPC-7351 compliant SMT resistors. Devices are Panasonic ERJ series types.\r\nUploaded by Weartronics from http://www.weartronics.com/

65426 Downloads | 220 Likes | 02.14.2006

butterfly9.lbr by admin

ATAVRBTFLY footprint. If you are using Atmel\'s AVR Butterfly Demo Board in your project, this would be helpful!\r\nUploaded by Anurag Chugh from Student

67543 Downloads | 234 Likes | 07.22.2006