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anadigm-1.lbr by admin

LIB file of the ANADIGM FPAA parts (Field Programmable Analog Array)\r\nUploaded by Joachim Strohschenk from MEMEC

44677 Downloads | 216 Likes | 03.08.2004

ad725.lbr by admin

AD725 - RGB to NTSC/PAL Encoder Lizenz: CC-NC-SA \r\nUploaded by knudt jacobs from NA

44737 Downloads | 215 Likes | 04.21.2008

avr-4.lbr by admin

This library now includes ONLY ATMEL AVR microcontrollers. It is the result of merging ALL OTHER AVR LIBRARIES available at http://www.cadsoft.de/download as of 3/08 along with my own. In addition to the legacy AT90* devices, it includes most ATMEGA devices including the new 48/88/168, most ATTiny devices and a set of ISP and JTAG pin headers.\r\nUploaded by David Blundell from DB Designs

45066 Downloads | 263 Likes | 03.27.2008

avr-7.lbr by admin

Consolidated all(?) the other Atmel AVR libraries, contains AT0*, ATMega, ATTiny, and ATXMega parts. Also has ISP and PDI headers. \r\nUploaded by John Lussmyer from CasaDelGato Systems

45923 Downloads | 435 Likes | 08.02.2011

irf.lbr by admin

Some MOSFET and IGBT drivers by International Rectifier\r\nUploaded by Ladislav Kopecky from Saurer Czech a.s., Czech Republic

46134 Downloads | 246 Likes | 09.15.2004

burr-brown-ads8341.lbr by admin

Library for Burr-Brown ADS8341\r\nUploaded by Shamus Husheer from University of Cambridge, UK

46277 Downloads | 205 Likes | 12.31.2006

atmel.lbr by admin

Adapted from avr.lbr and atmel.lbr. Added pin headers for ISP and JTAG.\r\nUploaded by Bob Starr from RTZ Audio

46294 Downloads | 235 Likes | 01.09.2005

pfc-ics.lbr by admin

Power Factor Correction ICs (PFC) developed by Productivity Engineering GmbH (PE)\r\nUploaded by Gert Bannert from PE IC Design GmbH

47076 Downloads | 218 Likes | 02.24.2009

mpxh6400.lbr by admin

Library for Freescale MPXH6400A MEMS pressure sensor in SSOP8 package.\r\nUploaded by Lewin Edwards from zws.com

47579 Downloads | 219 Likes | 02.26.2006

xc3s200-tq144.lbr by admin

Library with Xilinx Spartan3S200 FPGA in TQ144 package.\r\nUploaded by Jacek Pierzchlewski from Politechnika Poznanska

48084 Downloads | 212 Likes | 08.04.2006