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v-reg-3.lbr by admin

Based upon v-reg-2.lbr, including ltc_swr.lbr Added some different packages for old regulators and many new linear and switching regulators: LT1767, L4931, L4949E, LM2931, LP298x, IRU1205, TK112, TK113, S-812, LM257x, LM267x, MC34063A and PR440x \r\nUploaded by Eike Schmidt

37860 Downloads | 283 Likes | 05.15.2008

ftdichip-3.lbr by admin

Up-date symbols in according to symbols presents in original data sheet\r\nUploaded by Federico Battaglin from www.febat.com

37920 Downloads | 179 Likes | 05.30.2007

74xx-little-us.lbr by admin

Single and Dual Gates logic in SMD, US symbols\r\nUploaded by Eugene Sadovoi

38073 Downloads | 193 Likes | 06.15.2004

v-reg-fairchild.lbr by admin

Library for the Fairchild KA278R05C 2 amp 5 volt voltage regulator\r\nUploaded by Anthony Rhodes

38074 Downloads | 193 Likes | 05.24.2005

interface.lbr by admin

Library for the 1488/1489 RS232 drivers \r\nUploaded by Jacques Pelletier from Consulting engineer

38281 Downloads | 184 Likes | 04.27.2003

con-usb.lbr by admin

updated con-usb.lbr, now includes USB Series-B surface mount Update der con-usb.lbr, jetzt mit USB Typ-B SMD original library by Erik Christiansson \r\nUploaded by Manfred Brauchle from Uni-Augsburg

38389 Downloads | 207 Likes | 08.09.2005

lcd_128x64_led_backlight.lbr by admin

ABG128064J (old no. AV-G12864B1): T6963C-based graphic type STN/FSTN 128x64 dot matrix LCD module with LED backlight and on-board negative voltage generator produced by Shenzhen AV-Display\r\nUploaded by Pawel Szramowski from Silesian University of Technology, Poland

38423 Downloads | 185 Likes | 09.21.2007

mc33201d.lbr by admin

Low voltage, Rail-to-Rail operational amplifiers MC33201D\r\nUploaded by Jan Vecernik from VUT Brno

38798 Downloads | 184 Likes | 10.08.2007

74hc(t)4046.lbr by admin


38842 Downloads | 187 Likes | 07.19.2006

mma7260_7261.lbr by admin

MMA7260/MMA7261: Freescale &#177; 1.5g-6g/&#177; 2.5g-10g three axis low-g micromachined accelerometers. This library can be also used for MMA62xx series of accelerometers - these devices may have Self-Test instead of /Sleep input, fewer G-select inputs or only two voltage outputs, but general layout is the same. QFN-16 footprint has enlarged pads for hand-soldering.\r\nUploaded by Pawel Szramowski from Silesian University of Technology, Poland

38891 Downloads | 187 Likes | 09.21.2007