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texas.lbr by admin

DSP from TI - TMS320LF2407 \r\nUploaded by Vladimir Hotovec from Callidus trading, Ltd., Czech republic

34701 Downloads | 234 Likes | 01.09.2002

phoenix_gicv-gf.lbr by admin

Contents Phoenix Connectors GMSTBV2,5 & GICV2,5 7,62mm\r\nUploaded by Uwe Bieser from Bieser Liftsteuerungen

22094 Downloads | 221 Likes | 01.06.2002

traco.lbr by admin

DC/DC-Wandler der Fa. Traco\r\nUploaded by Bodo Fuhrmann from Martin-Luther-Universit

25333 Downloads | 225 Likes | 12.21.2001

z80lbr.zip by admin

Z80 Family Library, all parts (CPU, DMA, PIO CTC, SIO), all packages (DIP, PLCC, QFP). Includes EAGLE script file sources to rebuild the library.\r\nUploaded by Douglas Beattie Jr. from ICONIX Research, Ogden UT, U.S.A.

23009 Downloads | 236 Likes | 11.23.2001

crystal.zip by admin

Diese LBR hat ein neues Bauteil. Einen Schwinger 4MHz von Conrad mit 3 Anschl

26313 Downloads | 236 Likes | 10.14.2001

con-subd.lbr by admin

con-subd mit Packagealternativen, Orientierung bleibt in den Alternativen erhalten\r\nUploaded by Uwe Bonnes from TU Darmstadt

25581 Downloads | 221 Likes | 10.10.2001

ep_molex_6410_7395.zip by admin

Library for Connector Molex 6410/7395 series Mini-KK - 2.54mm(0.1 inch)pitch. Straight and Right Angle.\r\nUploaded by Ernesto PAISER from ESRF - European Synchrotron Radiation Facility

23929 Downloads | 227 Likes | 09.26.2001

simmstik2.zip by admin

library file and brief description for SimmStick(TM) PC boards (updated to Eagle 4.03) \r\nUploaded by Art Clarke from Xtreme Performance Coatings

18687 Downloads | 203 Likes | 09.11.2001

uc-dimm.lbr by admin

Library for Lineo\'s uC-DIMM Embedded Linux module with AMP SO-DIMM socket\r\nUploaded by Sergey Molchanov from Lineo Inc. Toronto, Canada

20241 Downloads | 210 Likes | 08.07.2001

coldfire.lbr by admin

Library for Motorola MCF5272 ColdFire with MAPBGA-196 Pins Package\r\nUploaded by Sergey Molchanov from Lineo Inc. Toronto, Canada

22938 Downloads | 215 Likes | 08.02.2001