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User Language Programs(ULP)

Customize your EAGLE software with community-created programs.

exp-lbrs-replace.ulp by BStarr

Latest export/replace project libraries modified from Eagle 6.4.0 version. Highly useful for cleaning up parts from bogus library part designers!!

2207 Downloads | 255 Likes | 04.11.2013

eaglegrabber.zip by mike919192

EAGLE GRABBER README ------------------------------------------------------------- name: create_standard_attributes2.ulp arguments: none notes: This creates the standard attributes used with the other ULPs in this pack. ------------------------------------------------------------- name: update_from_link.ulp arguments: none notes: This will download the html page specified in the link attribute and set the other attributes. By defualt this only works with Digikey, although it is not difficult to extend to other sites. The html page is save in the project folder so repeated call do not redownload. -------------------------------------------------------------- name: clone2.ulp arguments: Part name to clone (e.g \"U1\") notes: This copies attributes from the specified part to other part with matching values and matching footprint. WARNING: In rare cases this can overwrite good data! -------------------------------------------------------------- name: ebom2.ulp arguments: none notes: Creates an html file with all of the part attribute data. -------------------------------------------------------------- Credit to Eli Hughes for creating the first version, from which these tools are based. Enjoy!

2144 Downloads | 265 Likes | 03.06.2013

bom-ex150.zip by BStarr

The latest version of BOM-EX now includes a package verify feature. The packages codes can be defined in the database for each part. The package check features compares the database package code against the device package to verify each package has the proper footprint assigned for a particular part.

2569 Downloads | 271 Likes | 02.28.2013

toggle-layer.ulp by dcoryh192

Simple ULP to toggle layers. Intended to use with key shortcuts, but works fine in any application. Argument can be either layer name or number, or a mix of both. Only tested in Layout but should work in lib/lay/sch. No limit to number of arguments. Special CLI option to toggle all arguments the same direction or each individually.

1492 Downloads | 265 Likes | 02.25.2013

eagle_to_3d_4_0.ulp by KeithRichman

EAGLE-TO-3D…Version 4.0 has been upgraded to allow the user to Enable/Disable 3D Mapping Assumptions. When 3D Mapping Assumptions are enabled, a larger percentage of detailed 3D models will appear on the generated 3D Board. When entering the IDF-TO-3D tool, the user can accept, reject, or replace these 3D mapping assumptions. After acceptance or replacement of mappings, IDF-TO-3D will remember the mappings for future 3D boards. When mapping assumptions are disabled, EAGLE-TO-3D Version 4.0 will work like previous revisions and only map components from the EAGLE Supplied Libraries. Version 4.0 also allows the user to modify the board thickness. A single button click creates your 3D PCB directly from EAGLE. Thousands of EAGLE Library Components are mapped to 3D models. The ULP also includes free use of the IDF-to-3D tool that allows users to connect additional unmapped footprints to 3D models. Generate a free 3D PDF file, purchase a 3D STEP file, or purchase a 3D Printer Prototype. Receive a free 3D Printer Prototype with your PCB-POOL® order.

6507 Downloads | 326 Likes | 02.22.2013

make-pogo-package.ulp by BStarr

This ULP generates a script from an existing board that can be run in a library to create a device that represents the PCB with pogo pin holes that match the X/Y locations of SMD test points that contain the attribute \'POGOPIN\'. The SMD test points can be on the top or bottom side of the board and MUST also have an attribute of type \'POGOPIN\' defined for each test point that requires a hole location for mounting a pogo pin

1530 Downloads | 269 Likes | 01.24.2013

teardropsc.ulp by ars662001

curved teardrops for pads and vias

2322 Downloads | 272 Likes | 01.09.2013

eagle2svg-1.4.1.ulp by xtitoris

This ULP converts schematics and boards to SVG 1.1 vectorgraphic files. Changes from 1.3: Added support for all text alignments, fixed text, drill holes, white colored wires (as in native print-to-pdf, exports as black), zero-width wires, some small fixes.

4348 Downloads | 283 Likes | 01.08.2013

swap.ulp by damhave

Swap position of two components (in Schematic and Board Editor)

1730 Downloads | 261 Likes | 12.19.2012

eagle_to_3d_3_4.ulp by KeithRichman

EAGLE-TO-3D A single button click creates 3D PCBs directly from EAGLE. Thousands of EAGLE Library Components are mapped to 3D models. The ULP also includes free use of the IDF-to-3D tool that allows users to connect additional unmapped footprints to 3D models. Generate a free 3D PDF file or purchase a 3D STEP file or 3D Printer Prototype of your PCB. Upgraded Version 3.4 includes links to a new 3D Mapping Tutorial Video and a Best Practices PDF.

4827 Downloads | 302 Likes | 12.10.2012