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User Language Programs(ULP)

Customize your EAGLE software with community-created programs.

change-values.ulp by hanneseilers

ULP to change values in schematic, that start with a specific suffix. Example: Changes value of all parts with value beginning with 150R to 150k.

1596 Downloads | 248 Likes | 07.30.2013

rename-sig-with-suffix.ulp by hanneseilers

ULP to rename signals that start with a specific suffix. Example: rename GND1, GND2, ... with suffix GN into GND.

1452 Downloads | 469 Likes | 07.30.2013

show-airwires.ulp by SengPeter

Show airwires and parts selected by group command in schematic, ease partitial place and route of functional blocks.

1700 Downloads | 240 Likes | 06.24.2013

createsymsmdpackage_rel3.zip by PEUKERTSIOS

A dialog guided ulp to generate dual line symmetric packages like SOP TSSOP and square packages like QFP. An exposed pad optionally can be generated. Release 3: Conflict between variable names and new built in functions in EAGLE 6.4 fixed Release 2: Fixes the unit conversion in EAGLE 6

1936 Downloads | 242 Likes | 06.24.2013

align4.ulp by GerhardHickel

Weitere Änderungen: Es ist jetzt möglich mit der Option \"-k\", die bisherige Bauteile-Reihenfolge beim Anordnen beizubehalten. Die Bauteile werden dann nicht mehr nach Bauteile-Namen sortiert neu angeordnet, sondern in der bisherigen Reihenfolge neu ausgerichtet.

1461 Downloads | 240 Likes | 06.13.2013

align3.ulp by GerhardHickel

Anpassung von align2 an die neue Auflösung von Eagle 6.x. Benutzt jetzt mic2u, mm2u, usw.

1323 Downloads | 314 Likes | 06.13.2013

eagle2freerouter.ulp by Elco

[updated version 29-May-2013] Converter to use the Freerouter autorouter (www.freerouting.net), replacing the brd_to_dsn.ulp utility. Ability to set internal layer keepouts, protect wires, via\'s and polygons. Usage guide available in the Freerouting technical support forum.

2392 Downloads | 246 Likes | 06.04.2013

choose-airwires.ulp by JorgeGarcia

Hides all airwires except a group of airwires selected via the group command. Use \'RATS *\' at the command line to unhide all airwires. Modified version of Bob Starr\'s hide-airwires.ulp.

1494 Downloads | 256 Likes | 05.07.2013

replace-supply-symbol.ulp by BStarr

This ULP lets you replace all instances of a supply symbol in a schematic with a supply symbol from a different supply library.

1606 Downloads | 241 Likes | 04.19.2013

make-pogo-package2.ulp by BStarr

Latest version works with thru-hole and SMD test point pads. This ULP generates a script from an existing board that can be run in a library to create a device that represents the PCB with pogo pin holes that match the X/Y locations of SMD test points that contain the attribute \'POGOPIN\'. The SMD test points can be on the top or bottom side of the board and MUST also have an attribute of type \'POGOPIN\' defined for each test point that requires a hole location for mounting a pogo pin

1507 Downloads | 242 Likes | 04.12.2013