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User Language Programs(ULP)

Customize your EAGLE software with community-created programs.

psrotate.ulp by admin

Version 1.10, rotiert nun auch RECTANGLES, SMDs, TEXTE und PINS.Mehr auf http://home.t-online.de/home/Hj.Saemann-BL\r\nUploaded by Hansjörg Sämann

4857 Downloads | 224 Likes | 10.07.1998

adimv2_00.ulp by admin

OK. This is the one ! It does it the efficient way. Please let me know about any features you want to be adjusted/added to this program. I can also write other ULP for specific tasks. Just let me know, it\"s free !!!\r\nUploaded by Michel Dagenais from PCB Designer at home.

6492 Downloads | 243 Likes | 09.13.1998

showlbr_brd.ulp by admin

Works like ShowLBR, but put all packages of a library on a board.\r\nUploaded by Thomas Mohaupt from BTU Cottbus

5323 Downloads | 247 Likes | 09.11.1998

showall.ulp by admin

SHOWALL.ULP operates the INFO command on every part of your design. This allows you to verify the correct location of smashed parts NAMES an VALUES.\r\nUploaded by Werner Marschik from Highspeed Design and Hybrid Applications

5084 Downloads | 245 Likes | 08.26.1998

newgeom.ulp by admin

This ULP converts pad shape, pad diameter, drill size for an opened Library. I prefer to use SQUARE pad for Pin 1 and ROUND for remaining. I also have a preferred diameter and drill. This ULP is easily modified to match user needs.\r\nUploaded by Mike Davis from Renton

5326 Downloads | 238 Likes | 08.21.1998

namesfrom1.ulp by admin

Renumbers parts on a board. Each part type will start with a numerical extension of \\\"1\\\". Useful after deleting parts, to close \\\"numerical holes\\\".\r\nUploaded by Frank Hübenthal from InnoSys GmbH

5633 Downloads | 251 Likes | 07.16.1998

panelize.ulp by admin

This ULP offers a way to get an array of several boards with identical silk screen. Please read the hints in the file.Das ULP erlaubt eine Nutzenerstellung bei dem der Bestueckungsdruck auf den einzelnen Platinen gleich bleibt. Bitte lesen Sie die Hinweise in der Datei.\r\nUploaded by Richard Hammerl from CadSoft Computer GmbH

6179 Downloads | 248 Likes | 06.17.1998

snappads.ulp by admin

This ULP moves the pads and smds of a package (in the library editor) to a user-defined mil or mm grid.\r\nUploaded by Rudi Hofer from CadSoft

5975 Downloads | 246 Likes | 06.15.1998

rotatev1.ulp by admin

This ULP is a new version of rotation.ulp. (same function) Additional the STEP-command generate a array from the component.\r\nUploaded by Julia Rechenbach from Layout Entwicklung fuer Leiterplatten

4990 Downloads | 236 Likes | 06.13.1998

silk.ulp by admin

Some board houses want to have at least 8 mil width for silk screen lines in order to get legible results. This ULP creates new silk screen layers from your layout and changes silk screen line width to 8 mil. For EAGLE version 3.5.\r\nUploaded by Richard Hammerl from CadSoft Computer GmbH

4972 Downloads | 238 Likes | 05.26.1998