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User Language Programs(ULP)

Customize your EAGLE software with community-created programs.

importbom_and_netlist.zip by admin

These are a couple of scripts I wrote to facilitate the importing of Orcad schematics into the layout editor. ImportNetlist.ulp imports a PADS2K netlist. ImportBOM (the most useful of both) imports a regular Orcad BOM file and lets you select the package for each group of items. The scripts are not well commented, maybe soon I\"ll work on that.\r\nUploaded by Jean Simonet from - NONE -

11034 Downloads | 196 Likes | 11.24.2003

netlist_protel.ulp by admin

Generates a netlist in Protel Standard format (similar to Tango)\r\nUploaded by Hans Lederer from Ingenieurbuero Lederer

10769 Downloads | 209 Likes | 09.19.2001

import_dxf_polygons_03.zip by admin

This ULP imports, scales, mirrors and rotates polylines and splines from a DXF file. Improved Version of import_dxf_polygons.ulp - insert point configurable - default pen with=0 - supports smaller shapes than v0.1 \r\nUploaded by Tim Ruetz from caiaq

10555 Downloads | 191 Likes | 12.13.2008

statistic-copper-plane.zip by admin

Statisic of copper (Board plane)\r\nUploaded by A. Zaffran from CadSoft

10478 Downloads | 177 Likes | 06.25.2004

genpkg_qfp.ulp by admin

Generates packages for SMT quad flat pack ICs including QFP, SQFP, TQFP, TSQFP and others.\r\nUploaded by Weartronics from http://www.weartronics.com/

10409 Downloads | 191 Likes | 02.14.2006

gcode.zip by admin

Updated gcode creation files, allowing selections of more parameters at runtime. These are modified from others files to produce gcode, tested using turbocnc.\r\nUploaded by Al Schemmer WB0YRQ from Hawarden Iowa USA

10175 Downloads | 188 Likes | 10.07.2003

unrouted.ulp by admin

UNROUTED.ULP determines tiny (and therefore maybe invisible) unrouted signals.\r\nUploaded by Daemon Reinhard from University of Technology GRAZ/Austria

10010 Downloads | 286 Likes | 02.27.1997

bom2.ulp by admin

produces a part list with extension .BO9 suitable for PARTS AND VENDORS part-list manager program.\r\nUploaded by NIKOS CHALIKIAS from anco

9934 Downloads | 278 Likes | 01.11.1998

generate_3d_data.zip by admin

Exportiert 3D-Daten der Leiterplatte mit Bauteilen zur Weiterverarbeitung in einem MCAD-System (Ideas, SolidWorks, ...), ausgegebenes Dateiformat : IDF3.0 (IDB:board, IDL:libary)\r\nUploaded by Neubacher Andreas from Commend International GmbH

9912 Downloads | 198 Likes | 10.06.2006

make_symbol_ulp.zip by admin

A ULP for generating a symbol and device from a list of pin names such as might come from a part datasheet.\r\nUploaded by Ed Anuff

9767 Downloads | 173 Likes | 06.02.2004