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User Language Programs(ULP)

Customize your EAGLE software with community-created programs.

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rename_net.ulp by warrenbrayshaw

This ULP simplifies the renaming of a net bringing the most commonly needed information together. Launched from a context menu for a net wire it provides easy access to: The first unused name in Eagle\'s default N$xx format The names of the nets already in use. The names of the visible pin names. connected to the net. Requires Eagle version 6.0.0 or later.

2554 Downloads | 530 Likes | 12.21.2014

mod-dup-place.ulp by BStarr

This ULP for v7.2 duplicates the placement of a hierarchical module given an x/y offset and source/destination module name instance. No routing duplication is supported, only the placement is duplicated. This is initial release of this ULP.

1921 Downloads | 517 Likes | 12.11.2014

bom-ex164.zip by BStarr

The latest version of BOM-EX for Eagle 7.2 with module support added.

6787 Downloads | 546 Likes | 12.06.2014

fpga_pinout.ulp by Barry

Generates FPGA setup files from an Eagle board design. Currently generates VHDL port list from the pins of a specified part. Also generates the pin mapping for a Lattice Semiconductor .lpf file. Results must be edited for signaling types, but automatically generates a correct net name - pin mapping. May be extended for Verilog or Xilinx/Altera.

1883 Downloads | 539 Likes | 10.19.2014

group-aps_v4.ulp by luggass

Autoplace ULP Creates grouping based on SCH and handles multiple sheets Based on V3-ULP by David Moodie, modified Version works with Eagle 6 and higher. By Lukas Obkircher

4468 Downloads | 528 Likes | 09.18.2014

show-from-sheet.ulp by helge

Shows all parts in the board editor belonging to a specific sheet in the schematic. Functional circuit blocks can be organized in sheets which systematically group parts on the schematic level. \"show-from-sheet \" thus provides functional block highlighting on the board level. \"show-from-sheet group\" extends this functionality based on select.ulp to group all parts originating from a specified sheet.

2166 Downloads | 530 Likes | 09.05.2014

hierarchical_v1.1.zip by morosh

Some ULPs and scripts to do hierachical designs

2868 Downloads | 497 Likes | 07.29.2014

show-airwire.ulp by axeme

Context menu handler that turns off all airwires except the airwire selected.

2413 Downloads | 509 Likes | 05.20.2014

airwire.ulp by warrenbrayshaw

Turn off all the airwires except the signal of interest from a context menu item. Show all airwires again by running the context item again using another wire type. The ULP will create the context menu required.

2120 Downloads | 511 Likes | 05.20.2014

renumber-sheet_4_5.ulp by MirekK

added options to renumber by a combination of X a Y directions in various percentages

2644 Downloads | 521 Likes | 05.06.2014