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User Language Programs(ULP)

Customize your EAGLE software with community-created programs.

pcb-gcode-3.3.2.zip by admin

Now much easier to use! Pcb-gcode creates g-code files to allow you to produce a printed circuit board using a CNC router or milling machine. Supports outlining tracks (mech. etching), drilling and milling. Removes slivers by offsetting outline passes. Includes a setup screen that eliminates editing config files. Advanced functionality available. Please see http://groups.yahoo.com/ group/pcb-gcode for info, support, and updates. This program is free, see readme.html. \r\nUploaded by John Johnson from John Johnson Software, Atlanta

42677 Downloads | 673 Likes | 01.19.2006

pcb-gcode-wizard.zip by pcbgcodewizard

Introduction to PCB-Gcode-Wizard which is a graphical Gcode viewer, plotter, and G00 rapids optimizer for PCB milling files generated with PCBGCODE.ULP from John Johnson. The central feature of this program allows you to delete redundant and unnecessary milling outlines, so that you only have ONE isolation milling pass (saves lots of milling time!). See more info, screenshots, tutorials, and purchase at PCBGCODE.COM.

18967 Downloads | 659 Likes | 09.18.2012

pcb-gcode- by pcbgcode

The latest version of pcb-gcode allows one to generate GCode (NC) for use with CNC milling machines or routers. This lets you \"mechanically etch\" PC boards, drill them, and mill them, all without chemicals! How green is that? This release works with Eagle 5 & 6. Find other friendly and helpful users in the Yahoo group, the Phorum, or the Facebook group. Celebrating 10 years of helping people make quick prototypes without ruining their clothes, and pcb-gcode is still free! http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pcb-gcode http://www.pcbgcode.org https://www.facebook.com/groups/pcbgcode

53967 Downloads | 1157 Likes | 10.25.2013