Reference Designs

Learn how to use EAGLE from a variety of example projects.

maxim_2606_hands_free_car_kit.zip by Spilkos

An other smal circuit using max2606 maxim\'s ic.More detail you can find here: http://www.maximintegrated.com/app-notes/index.mvp/id/5123 I design the schematic as the figure 2 \"The FM transmitter circuit with a direct audio input eliminates background noise from the microphone\". The only thing you need that check the schematic or pcb layout for mistakes. Thanks maxim for ic samples.

3342 Downloads | 263 Likes | 01.15.2014

lipo_laderegler_mcp73831-2.zip by Hako0812

Application from microchip for a fully automatic LiPo single cell charger from the USB port. Imax 500mA Size: 26.6 x 15 mm

3553 Downloads | 351 Likes | 09.06.2014

raspberrybaddon.zip by BRedemann

This is an add-on board for the raspberry Pi Typ B+. You can mount it directly on the pinheader of the raspberry Pi.

3555 Downloads | 381 Likes | 06.15.2015

hv_programmer_atmel.zip by BRedemann

This is an (older) project of a HV-Programmer for Atmel µCs. With this programmer you can reactivate an atmel controller with wrong fuse-bits settings (e.g. reset is fused as a normal port). The original circuit and Software was developed by elm-chan. Unfortunately, you need a parallel port at your PC to work with this programmer. All documents are included, also a description and the used software.

3568 Downloads | 381 Likes | 07.04.2015

breadboard_power_supply.rar by Tehnik

Breadboard Power Supply http://tehnikservice.net/projects/breadboard-power-supply/

3603 Downloads | 350 Likes | 06.02.2015

ads1234_app.zip by harsh1

this circuit can be used to interface Thermocouple and micro controller to detect wide range of temperatures.

3643 Downloads | 368 Likes | 08.09.2014

inverter-logo_8xuln2803.zip by Guenter

Signalinverter 8 Kanäle mit ULN2803, max 500mA/Kanal. Benutzt bei Siemens LOGO (Transistorausgang liefert positives Signal) zum Ansteuern von Dual-LED (rot/grün) in Tastern Nikkai UB2-15H2, da diese gemeinsamen Anodenanschluss hatten.

3647 Downloads | 291 Likes | 12.18.2013

spannungsregler.sch by Markus11

Spannungsregler zum sicheren betrieb von mikrokontroller.

3706 Downloads | 272 Likes | 02.17.2013

spi-flash-programmer-v2.rar by Tehnik

SPI FLash Programmer V2 more info at http://tehnikservice.net/projects/spi-flash-programmer-v2-2/

3743 Downloads | 370 Likes | 10.18.2014

inverter.brd by Lakparinji

Inverter for Mobile Phone

3812 Downloads | 665 Likes | 04.01.2016