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Learn how to use EAGLE from a variety of example projects.

filters.zip by admin

A filter and signal amplifier collection. Contains Sellen-key LPF, T-NOTCH, Notch with UAF42 and available as library module. \r\nUploaded by Abidin Yildirim from University of Alabama-Vision Science Research Center

13223 Downloads | 273 Likes | 05.31.2002

filtersr2.zip by admin

Design error correction of the file Filters.zip. Explanation is in the file notes.doc.\r\nUploaded by Abidin Yildirim from University of Alabama-Vision Sciense Research Center

11902 Downloads | 268 Likes | 06.06.2002

battery_charger.zip by admin

battery charger with auto-stop when the voltage battery reach preset value.\r\nUploaded by Bogdan Rusu from S.C.AXEL TELECOM CLUJ S.R.L.

35732 Downloads | 301 Likes | 07.30.2002

fonte_dupla_78xx.sch by admin

Floating Dual Suplly, for use in laboratory.\r\nUploaded by Ismar Russano from CBPF-CAT - RJ (Brazil)

14125 Downloads | 277 Likes | 08.06.2002

fancontrol.zip by admin


22767 Downloads | 273 Likes | 09.25.2002

klemm_db25.brd by admin

Adapter von DB-25 auf Klemmenleiste und durchgeschliffen auf Pfostenstecker f

10778 Downloads | 269 Likes | 01.27.2003

andi_1_high_precision_comp.sch by admin

High precision amp & comparator for low budget experimenters . I uploaded this circuit last december but my email address was the wrong one ...SO VERY SORRY many more circuits to come . Gilles D

12705 Downloads | 267 Likes | 03.13.2003

ir_bar.zip by admin

this is an IR alarm. I sugest that you dont use it to protect something inportant becose it is not a profesional desing\r\nUploaded by Ivan

13605 Downloads | 250 Likes | 04.01.2003

magnetic_coil_amplifier.zip by admin

small signal and small noise amplifier. for magnetic coil pick-up.\r\nUploaded by bogdan rusu from romania

15576 Downloads | 283 Likes | 04.09.2003

light_sw2.zip by admin

auto light switch for halogen lamp. also with lamp protection, slow on / off switching.\r\nUploaded by bogdan rusu from romania

14692 Downloads | 273 Likes | 04.09.2003