Reference Designs

Learn how to use EAGLE from a variety of example projects.

battery_monitor.zip by admin

battery monitor and protection.\r\nUploaded by Rusu Bogdan from Romania

28069 Downloads | 287 Likes | 09.18.2003

70...100w_dmos_audio_amplifier_with_mute&st-by.rar by admin

70W...100W DMOS AUDIO AMPLIFIER WITH MUTE/ST-BY Supply Voltage +/- 38Vmax Size: 36,4KB\r\nUploaded by Krzysztof Pietraszynski

31481 Downloads | 285 Likes | 01.16.2005

battery_charger.zip by admin

battery charger with auto-stop when the voltage battery reach preset value.\r\nUploaded by Bogdan Rusu from S.C.AXEL TELECOM CLUJ S.R.L.

35732 Downloads | 301 Likes | 07.30.2002

amp-tda2822-dual.zip by admin

A small 1W Dual Channel audio amplifier using TDA2822 IC. Including volume controls. 12V PSU is Ideal. No heatsink required for IC. By default, the design only displays the bare circuit in \"board view\", so just enable the necessary layers for component values and pinouts.\r\nUploaded by Bradlin Basson from South Africa

56940 Downloads | 278 Likes | 07.13.2010