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precise_comparator_share.sch by admin

\r\nUploaded by

11516 Downloads | 229 Likes | 08.11.2001

electro.zip by admin

here you have : high pass filter light switch\r\nUploaded by Bogdan Rusu from Romania (my country)

12287 Downloads | 223 Likes | 10.10.2001

triangle-pwm.rar by admin

schematic and board of a triangle-generator/puls with-modulator 50kHz.\r\nUploaded by Karl K

14466 Downloads | 225 Likes | 10.24.2001

hpf.zip by admin

this is an active filter, high pass filter, economical with only one op amp.cutt-off freq = 350 Hz. you have here the circuit itself, has been scanned.\r\nUploaded by bogdan rusu from S.C.Axel Telecom Cluj S.R.L. - ROMANIA

11217 Downloads | 215 Likes | 10.26.2001

timer-555-based.sch by admin

A sinple time based switch(0-5min.)\r\nUploaded by Alex from Home

20948 Downloads | 244 Likes | 11.27.2001

ea8.sch by admin

Ein Ausschaltverz

10430 Downloads | 202 Likes | 12.07.2001

slc.sch by admin

A 20W halogen lamp wireless SLC\r\nUploaded by Alex Tsekenis from Greece#1

12574 Downloads | 218 Likes | 02.02.2002

flaspic1.sch by admin

Pic Flash series programmer (16F87x)\r\nUploaded by Denny Catacora from Peru

16142 Downloads | 233 Likes | 03.19.2002

avisadorgsm.zip by admin

This project show how to make an SMS alarm system with a GSM phone. You can find more info in this website http://avisadorgsm.iespana.es/\r\nUploaded by Luis from Spain

16626 Downloads | 218 Likes | 03.21.2002

rpm_to_freq.sch by admin

Converts slow pulse trains like RPM of rotating objects and Heart Rate Pulses into Frequency output. This Frequency output can be fed to a counter to directly give the required output.\r\nUploaded by Jayaraman Kiruthi Vasan from TRIVITRON

15932 Downloads | 219 Likes | 04.02.2002