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stf202_10.lbr by samuell

STF202 USB filter from ON Semiconductor. This is a USB filter for upstream ports (on the device side). It provides USB termination, filtering and ESD protection.

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g510.lbr by trebuH

FIBOCOM G510 gsm module.by trebuH

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lm1084-adj-to263.lbr by mcleber

LM1084-ADJ (TO-263) - 5A 29V - Voltage Regulator.

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rflib.zip by ChipDesign

ChipDesign has developed a general-purpose RF/microwave library for CadSoft Eagle, which it offers free-of-charge. PCB designers are nowadays confronted with transmission line effects, as the bandwidth of high-speed serial interfaces (DDR RAM, ethernet, PCI Express, SATA, USB), as well as the carrier frequency of wireless standards (2.45/5 GHz \"dual-band\" WiFi\"), continuously increases. The use of the RF components of said library reduces risk and time-to-market. Download the latest version from: http://chipdesign.be/software.html

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smf_10.lbr by samuell

SMF FTV (transient voltage suppressor) diodes from Littelfuse. These diodes are supplied in a SOD-123F package and can withstand up to 200W peak pulse power.

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sp4020_10.lbr by samuell

SP4020 TVS (transient voltage suppressor) diodes from Littelfuse. These are low capacitance TVS diodes presenting high surge capability.

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bourns_rl181s_series_inductors.lbr by mnothdurft

Library of Bourns (JW Miller) RL181S series of inductors

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glcd_winstar_240x128_wg240128b.lbr by Joseeduardo


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cdclvc11xx_10.lbr by samuell

CDCLVC11xx clock buffer from Texas Instruments. These are high performance clock buffers. The number of outputs varies according to the part number.

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ast3tq_10.lbr by samuell

AST3TQ oscillators from Abracon. These are high precision oscillators (0.28ppm), having available frequencies of 10.00MHz, 12.80MHz, 19.20MHz, 20.00MHz, 25.00MHz, 26.00MHz, 30.72MHz, 38.40MHz and 40.00MHz. All oscillators from this series output a CMOS level square wave.

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